Diagnosing CodeTwo Exchange Rules family software (newer versions)


CodeTwo assistance is required with your CodeTwo Exchange Rules family software problems or advanced configuration.


Follow the steps below to collect all diagnostics:

This Knowledge Base article is designed to use with latest versions of CodeTwo software. If you are using version older than the ones listed in the Applies to section (see the right pane) please refer to this article.

  1. First of all, take screenshots if you see error messages or anything unusual on the screen. Please make sure the error message is complete and readable - try expanding the error window so we can see the whole message on the screenshot or copy-paste the error message text.
  2. Extend logging in CodeTwo software, preferably change the number of log files to keep from 20 to 99. See manual on how to do this:
  3. Perform rules execution test:
    1. Send a test message with a distinctive subject, for example "C2TEST no.1".
    2. Export the message: after sending, retrieve an email on a computer with MS Outlook, drag and drop email on your desktop, it will be saved as a .msg file. It may also be helpful if you provide the .msg copy from Sent Items folder of the sender.
    3. Repeat this procedure for every tested device/user/rule which does not work properly (remember about changing the number in the subject of test messages).
    4. Please also send one email from an account that works properly so we can compare the messages.

Note that instructions from steps 4 and 5 (see below) must be completed immediately after completing step 3, so the information collected during your tests is not cleared from the log files.

  1. Gather CodeTwo software diagnostics using built-in logs collecting feature (go to Help, Collect All logs).

Gathering software log files.
Fig. 1. Gathering software log files.

  1. Export your Event Viewer logs: we need System and Application branches logs in .evtx format compressed to .zip files.

Exporting events from Event Viewer.
Fig. 2. Exporting events from Event Viewer.

  1. Compress all files (screenshots, log files, settings, .msg examples) into a single .zip file.
  2. Send all the files requested above and the environment description to CodeTwo.

    You will be able to upload the files after you submit your question.