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How do I find my license key in CodeTwo software


Where is your license key in the CodeTwo software?


The applications developed by CodeTwo are activated to full version by applying a long 25-characters license key that you receive once the order is paid for. In order to identify oneself as a customer the user of CodeTwo software who holds a valid support contract will need to provide at least the 5 first characters of their license key when contacting CodeTwo Customer Support.

If you are a user of CodeTwo software that is activated using the old licensing system i.e. the 10-characters activation code and do not have a long 25-digit license key, you need to provide at least the first 5-characters of the activation code.

Finding a license key/activation code in CodeTwo software

The license key/activation code can be found in the licensing module installed together with the application. You can access it in Start, All programs, CodeTwo, <name of the program>, Licensing.

The only exception from the above is version 5.x of CodeTwo Public Folders which has its licensing built-in into the Syncing Master Administration Panel. See user's manual for details.

Fig. 1. The dialog box of the new licensing system in the newer programs. You need to provide at least the first 5 digits from the long license key consisting of 25 digits, when contacting CodeTwo Customer Support. 

Fig. 2. The dialog box of the old licensing system in the older products. You need to provide at least the first 5 digits from the activation code, when contacting CodeTwo Customer Support.

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