CodeTwo Exchange Sync

  • Synchronize Exchange folders
  • Access public folders on mobile devices
  • Synchronize data in real time
  • For Exchange Server 2013, 2010 & 2007

Monitoring and reporting

By using conditions in CodeTwo Exchange Sync, you can easily use the application for monitoring and reporting purposes. For example, the managers in your company may want to receive information about tasks in Outlook as soon as they are marked complete.

For this, in CodeTwo Exchange Sync, you need to create a synchronization task that will be responsible for copying all task items marked as complete in Exchange mailboxes of reporting employees to a selected task folder in the manager's Exchange mailbox. The synchronization task can also be configured to direct the tasks from different employees to a separate folder, or to modify them by, for example, adding a full name of the owner in the task's subject.

Monitoring and reporting

Naturally, CodeTwo Exchange Sync can be used to monitor many more types of activities and items, for example, overdue tasks or mail containing defined words in the subject, etc.