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CodeTwo Exchange Rules Pro vs. Hub Transport rules

CodeTwo Exchange Rules Pro enables you to create various server rules far easier than using MS Exchange rules wizard. The chart below shows some of the most interesting features of CodeTwo Exchange Rules Pro. Look how they compare with the abilities of Microsoft Exchange Server.


Automatic email signatures and disclaimers

The program lets you create server-sided, personalized email signatures and disclaimers in HTML, RTF and plain text containing Active Directory properties, users’ individual pictures and company logos. What’s more, the program will let you add signatures or disclaimers anywhere in the message body, including the header section and side bars. Additionally you can decide whether the signature should be applied right after the last message or at the very end of the conversation.

Signature under reply

Decide whether the program inserts your signature at the very bottom of the email conversation or right under the reply.

Images and logos in signatures (as an in-line attachment)

The images used in signature templates are always in-line and recipients never get them as attachments. No matter which email client is used in your company, signatures look always the way you designed them, even when emails are sent from mobile devices.

WYSIWYG template editor

The program is equipped with the built-in template editor which will let you create your signatures exactly as you want to see them in messages – it is basically message layout editor! What is more, it will also help you design signatures for RTF and Plain Text emails.

Side banners and full email composition

Design not just signature but a whole email look – add side banners, marketing headers and legal disclaimers in one step.

Adding extra recipients (in To, Cc and Bcc fields)

When the need arises you can set the program to automatically add recipients for selected messages that meet the requirements specified in conditions. When a manager requires a copy of each email sent outside from the company or you want to send BCC message when it contains non-compliant content - CodeTwo Exchange Rules Pro gives you such an option.

Advanced conditions builder

Use the rich set of flexible conditions to decide how CodeTwo Exchange Rules Pro treats messages. With the advanced conditions editor, the option to use nested AND/OR logic and an almost limitless number of combinations you can design your own set of triggers that suits your needs perfectly.

AD Fields support

CodeTwo Exchange Rules Pro is fully integrated with Active Directory. Furthermore, it allows you to create personalized signatures quicker and easier than in MS Exchange via the handy menu. Writing AD placeholders directly in the message composer is also available. Learn more about AD fields support.

Custom AD Fields editor

You can now define additional dynamic fields present in Active Directory via the easy-to-use editor. They’ll appear automatically in the template editor’s menu next to the standard AD Fields.

Ready to use signatures/disclaimers template library

The program comes with the set of ready to use signature and disclaimer templates. You can modify them to suit your needs or use the library to store your own creations for later.

Support for footers, headers and side-banners

Design the look of your whole message! Apart from signatures, you can use headers or stamp side-banners, which you can easily move or resize. Message Composer allows you to easily design not only a unified look of your signature but also a unified look of whole messages.

Forcing and suppressing footers - End users may decide if they want a signature to be added to selected emails or not. Users can force or suppress server-side signatures by including trigger-phrases in their emails.

Data loss protection and email filtering (DLP)

With CodeTwo Exchange Rules Pro applying data loss protection (DLP) filters is easier than ever before. Not only does the program offer an impressive library of phrase dictionaries that can be used straight out of the box, but it also allows to perform a wider range of operations on restricted data than the built-in Exchange filters. For instance, the program can remove, mask or change certain keywords on the fly, or/and forward emails that match the criteria of your DLP policy to a security officer, or supervisor.

Remote rules and signatures control for non-IT staff

The program’s Administration Panel module can be deployed on any machine (even outside of your domain) with a dedicated set of access rights. This way the administrator can save time by delegating e.g. email signature and banner management to the Marketing team, without worrying about security breaches.

Administrative web access via dedicated API

The feature enables developers to integrate CodeTwo Exchange Rules Pro with standalone or web applications. Now you can manage the program even via an internet browser running on a mobile device.

Footers visible in Sent Items

Users can view messages they sent with the signatures and/or disclaimers in Sent Items. What is more, archiving this folder helps you meet legal regulations since all messages are stamped with appropriate signatures and/or disclaimers. Moreover you can now decide which users' Sent Items folders are updated. Finally, Sent Items Update is compatible with all popular mail clients including MS Outlook, Entourage, MacMail, Outlook Web Access, Outlook Mobile Access, iPhone, Blackberry and more.

Email blocking

Create rules to block messages you never want to receive and forever remove the need to grub around your junk mail folder every morning. Additionally, you can also block other types of messages, e.g. either incoming containing personal info (job offers, resumes etc.) or outgoing containing confidential data.

Force email format

Convert messages on the fly to HTML or Plain Text format keeping them consistent for all or selected senders.

Autoresponder with loop protector, automatic attachments, activity scheduling and more

With CodeTwo Exchange Rules Pro, you will easily create email auto-responders for anyone including disabled Active Directory users. You can also auto-respond to selected messages only, in scheduled time frames, add attachments to your auto-replies, edit CC and BCC fields on the fly and include original message in the reply. Exchange Server supports only out-of-office assistants.

Rewriting sender's address

It can be achieved on Exchange only with "send as" or "Send on behalf of" options which are prone to constant permission errors. CodeTwo Exchange Rules Pro will let you quickly create rules that change the "From" field in messages sent from any user. It might come in handy when a secretary wants to send emails as a boss or when a team want to send emails from their personal mailboxes that look like they were sent from a general team mailbox. The sender’s address is modified when a message flies through the program, so there is no risk of permission issues.

Modify email subject

This feature might be helpful e.g. for tagging inbound messages to keep them in order in users’ inboxes. CodeTwo Exchange Rules Pro is able to scan messages and modify the subjects of selected emails on the fly on Exchange Server. It can be also helpful for administrators to control blocked or flagged messages forwarded to them right after sensitive content has been detected.

Adding attachments

You can create a rule that will add attachments from a hot folder to selected emails. The number of attachments is not limited and the contents of the hot folder can be changed without accessing the administration panel of CodeTwo Exchange Rules Pro. It’s a good option e.g. for marketing departments that often send emails with promo materials, leaflets, PDF documents, etc. By creating a simple rule in the program, you can make it add any types of attachments to certain messages, forever removing a need for your marketing team to remember to add them manually.

Attachment compression

You can set the program to compress certain types of attachments or any attachments that exceed a given number of MB. For instance you can compress DOC files that exceed 1MB.

Email forwarding

The program will let you create email forwarding rules for your Exchange Server. The configuration is straightforward and can be done with a few clicks. Messages that meet rule criteria will be then forwarded automatically to a selected address or a group of recipients without any actions taken by end users.

Rule Scheduler

Define when your rules will be active, e.g. a time frame for a marketing campaign or a recurring autoresponder outside office hours. In our new editor you can decide in what pattern the rule works: monthly, weekly, daily or custom.

Rule tester

The program is equipped with a smart rule tester which imitates a mail client. You can quickly check whether your rule works properly without the need for sending real email messages between different users. What is more, the rule tester lets you trace the entire process for each rule to make sure you have planned everything correctly.

Outlook themes and stationery remover

CodeTwo Exchange Rules Pro can easily remove Outlook themes and email stationeries from messages. It will help you keep a unified look of your mail irrespective of how end-user mail programs are set up.

Automatic settings replication in multi-server environments

Automatic replication of settings between multiple servers. Control rules on many servers in your organization with one click using the CodeTwo Exchange Rules Pro Administration Panel.

Multi-tenant rule sets

Support for environments with multiple tenants (e.g. for companies hosting Exchange). Group your rules in profiles specific to selected tenant organizations. For more information please contact us.

Server Monitor

The program includes the message processing monitor that provides information about the transport services state, applied signatures statistics and more.

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