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Customer Case Study

eResources, LLC – ITonDemand IT services division

eResources - Case Study

Company description

Established 2002, as a division of eResources, LLC, a software development company.


Swift migration of data for end users. The main issue with the project was that the company was going from a co-located Exchange 2003 domain in a separate forest, to an AD integrated new Exchange 2013 environment. They were unsure how to effectively migrate user data from outside of their new local domain into their native domain, without multiple headaches and coming up with custom scripts.


"We were browsing for solutions and forums regarding migrating Exchange 2003 to 2013 and found CodeTwo Exchange Migration. It looked like it can solve our issue of migrating the user mailbox data in one step instead of a manual process of exporting PST’s from the old mailboxes, transferring the PST’s to the new server, then uploading the PST’s to each users new mailbox. It bridged the gap between the 2 Exchange Servers that do not support communicating with each other due to Microsoft limitations." - says Nathaniel Breitbach, VP of IT at eResources LLC.


Company nameeResources LCC (ITonDemand)
Number of employees28
Number of emails processed every day1100
Server type (source)Microsoft Exchange Server 2003
Server type (target)Microsoft Exchange Server 2013
Number of servers (source)1
Number of servers (target)1
ProblemSwift migration of data for end users.  
Solution/ProductCodeTwo Exchange Migration
Number of migrated mailboxes211
Implementation timeBetween 8/20/2013 - 8/24/2013
Total migration timeApprox. 46 hours initial sync

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