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"Unified signature layout and its professional look in everyday business communication strengthened the company’s visual identity without much effort."

Ian Thomson
IT Manager, Dyer & Butler


Company name:
Dyer & Butler

Number of employees:

Number of emails processed every day:

Email signatures layout not unified; users’ details not displayed properly

CodeTwo Email Signatures 365

Implementation type:
600 mailboxes

Note: This customer story was originally published on Microsoft Customer Stories, on April 17, 2019.

For Dyer & Butler, a UK-based engineering company, promoting its brand is one of its top priorities. Unfortunately, manual control over email signatures was too time-consuming and unreliable. The company needed a way to centrally control its Office 365 email signatures to ensure brand consistency, accurate contact information, and unified, professional layout for all email signatures. Dyer & Butler overcame this problem with a Microsoft Azure-hosted email signature management tool: CodeTwo Email Signatures  365.

A post-migration challenge

Dyer & Butler, a civil engineering company, specializes in the construction of highways, wind turbines, bridges, canals, and theme parks, as well as airport and railway maintenance. After migrating from on-premises Exchange to Office 365, the company needed to unify its Office 365 signatures. Editing signatures for 700 employees was out of the question: It would take too much time for the IT department to fix signatures for every user’s device.

CodeTwo’s solution on Microsoft Azure offers customization

Dyer & Butler found an answer with CodeTwo Email Signatures 365, an Azure-hosted service that automatically adds personalized and custom-formatted email signatures and disclaimers to emails sent from any device. The software automatically processes emails on the server side, which means individual users don’t have to remember to add their signature and/or legal disclaimer, but they can preview them before sending their email. Throughout the process, emails stay in Azure datacenters, which ensures reliable and secure mail processing and delivery.

"Seamless integration of our Azure-based service with Exchange Online ensures that contact details are always up to date in email signatures," said Szymon Szczesniak, CEO, CodeTwo. "CodeTwo Email Signatures 365 adds value to each Office 365 subscription without any additional effort from end users."

Impact on the business

Dyer & Butler realized email signatures can be a powerful tool to strengthen brand consistency and offer marketing opportunities with each email sent.

"Unified signature layout and its professional look in everyday business communication strengthened the company’s visual identity without much effort," said Ian Thomson, IT Manager, Dyer & Butler. "Every email sent from our Office 365 organization helps build our brand."

The solution offered by CodeTwo met Dyer & Butler’s highest expectations. Automated and centrally managed email signatures significantly reduced the time needed to create and deploy them for every user in the organization. A well-integrated, Azure-based service adds email signatures on the server level. Thanks to that, end users get their own customized email signatures without lifting a finger.

Implementation details

Dyer & Butler was migrating from on-premises Exchange to Office 365 and required a signature management solution similar to the one it used before the migration (CodeTwo Exchange Rules). CodeTwo Email Signatures 365 allowed the company to get the same benefits on the new platform. The implementation of the software, as well as the creation of email signatures and disclaimers for all users and devices, was incredibly quick and easy. Thanks to this Azure-hosted Software-as-a-Service solution, signature management at Dyer & Butler is completely automatic: Once a signature-adding rule has been set, employees can simply focus on other aspects of their work. At the same time, they can rest assured that signatures and disclaimers are always attached to their messages and contain all the necessary and up-to-date contact details, regardless of the email clients or devices used to send them.

"Email signatures always look sophisticated, even when sent from mobile devices," Thomson said.

Using uniform email signatures throughout the organization allows Dyer & Butler to ensure compliance with corporate identity policies. Additionally, Dyer & Butler is always backed up by the excellent customer support that comes with the software.

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