It’s All About Sharing

If you have been to our website and spent at least a few seconds on reading about CodeTwo Public Folders, you’ve probably got its main idea already – it’s all about sharing. Sounds like a well-worn aphorism? Maybe to some extent it is. My mother used to remind me of this sentence every time I bought sweets  and didn’t want to give some to my siblings. Well, when you are young, the world around you seems to be very easy, but when it comes to candies – you won’t give them back without a fight! :) /My brother knows what I am talking about…/

But anyway… Coming back to Outlook. CodeTwo Public Folders allows you to share all Outlook items in a split second – but what does it actually mean for work  organization in your company? Let us give you some hard facts about the practical  aspects of using our simple solution. Spend some time reading how CodeTwo Public Folders is helpful in keeping common timetables, administrating company  resources, managing tasks and projects, holding discussions and discussion groups  within your team. If that still doesn’t convince you, watch CodeTwo Public Folders Video – after that you shall make up your mind immediately :)

Practical examples of using CodeTwo Public Folders
Watch the CodeTwo Public Folders Video

4 thoughts on “It’s All About Sharing

  1. As far as those 30 second installation and config are concerned, take a look at this:

  2. What I like about CodeTwo Public Folders most, is how easy it is to install and start sharing Outlook data. It takes literally 2 minutes. You install syncing master and Outlook Add-in on computer 1, then Outlook Add-in on computer 2. And entire configuration process is simply entering the name of computer 1 while installing both Outlook Add-ins.

    And surely you can install Outlook Add-in on as many computers in your office or home as you want.

    P.S. Personally it takes me 30 seconds to install and run sharing Outlook data with CodeTwo Public Folders, but I’m kind of experienced user :)

    And about sharing sweets. I hadn’t this problem when I was a child, because I just didn’t like sweets. And my brother was really happy about that.

  3. My brother used to chuck sunflower seeds almost all the time when we were young. Since he’s 8 yrs older, our only PC (IBM 286) was in his room. Whenever I wanted to play Prince of Persia, I had to slip round to a nearby shop to buy those bloody seeds and only then was I allowed to play it. But sweets.. I always pigged them secretely when I found them in my Mom’s bag. Sharing!? Hell no! These were the times!

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