CodeTwo Public Folders now available on iOS!

iOS was the next natural step for CodeTwo Public Folders to make. After releasing a mobile app for Android devices we have just released the version compatible with the Apple i-family!

CodeTwo Public Folders for iOS devices is now available for download from Apple App Store. With this client app you can finally access your shared personal or public folders anywhere in the world directly on your iPad or iPhone. Add, edit and remove contacts, calendar appointments and tasks on your device and see these changes replicated back to Outlook in the real time! To ensure security of your information none of it is stored in the cloud nor any other location except your devices and computers. For added safety all the traffic is encrypted.


All users that own the license key for the current version of the program can use CodeTwo Public Folders iOS app free of charge. Just bear in mind to update the desktop part of the application which you can download from CodeTwo Public Folders download page. We also encourage our current users with no mobile devices to update your CodeTwo Public Folders Syncing Master and benefit from all the new features and improvements it contains.

Getting the iOS app is as easy as scanning the QR code below with your iPhone – go ahead and test it!

app-store-btn pf-qr-ios

7 thoughts on “CodeTwo Public Folders now available on iOS!

  1. Hi Olly,

    Unfortunately, in the current version there’s no way of achieving email synchronization with mobile devices. However, you can submit this as a feature request to our development team. For more please consult this page.

    With regards

  2. Hi,
    We have C2 across our network and was hoping this app would allow us to view our c2 email folders too, but it doesn’t seem to do this.
    Any way of acheiving this?

  3. Hi Tony,

    The CodeTwo Public Folders mobile apps synchronize Outlook categories (both standard and custom) and display the category names in item properties. Unfortunately, due to iOS and Android limitations, the actual colours of the categories are not shown when you view the whole calendar. Still, if a mobile user modifies a category by going into item properties and changing the name to another one recognized by Outlook, it will be synchronized and correctly displayed on the desktop.

    If you have any more questions, feel free to ask.

  4. Hi, I don’t suppose there is any hope of getting the calendar on the mobile app colour coded as it is in outlook? Each user in our organisation has his/her own colour assigned to each calendar item. This makes it easy to see on a busy calendar which items belong to each user.

  5. Hello Theresa,

    We already have a new version of CodeTwo Public Folders ready, including an iOS app that integrates with the native Apple calendar, which would solve both issues you are experiencing.

    We have submitted the new iOS app to App Store and will release the whole update once the iOS app gets approved. Unfortunately, I am unable to say when this will be. We are completely dependent on Apple in this respect.

  6. Using the trial version of CodeTwo Public Folders and want to mention a couple of missing components in the design for iOS App.
    (1) The calendar does not migrate into the native Apple calendar, and the CodeTwo PF App only allows for “Daily”, “Monthly”, and “List” Views. This is a huge drawback for anyone trying to make appointments based on “available hours” in each week.
    (2) The calendar is also missing a “search” function, making it impossible to see when specific events are due to happen – or research ones that have already taken place.

    These issues make the iOS App almost useless for cross-platform functionality. Perhaps the developers will come up with something soon and make this a truly unique and worthwhile investment?

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