Microsoft strengthens partnerships by inviting CodeTwo to ISV Success Program

Over the years, CodeTwo’s close partnership with Microsoft has helped us accelerate app development and strengthen our leadership in Microsoft 365 email signature & branding management. Today, we’re excited to take another step forward in this collaboration by joining the new Microsoft ISV Success Program.

CodeTwo has been in the Microsoft AI Cloud Partner Program (formerly: MPN) since 2010. From being the first vendor to publish a modern signature Web Add-in in AppSource to reaching unmatched level of cloud app security with Microsoft 365 Certification, leveraging Microsoft Partner opportunities has helped us drive innovation and reach 100,000 companies with our products.

So when Microsoft recently announced the public preview of the new ISV Success Program, CodeTwo was more than ready to jump in. The program supports ISVs like us with Microsoft’s powerful cloud developer tools, Azure cloud credits, expert consultations and dedicated community events.

These resources will help us accelerate development of CodeTwo Email Signatures 365, a cloud service used by 50,000 companies to manage email signatures, marketing campaigns and legal disclaimers on all devices and apps. Our service is protected by a proprietary 4-layer security system and hosted in 18 Azure datacenters. It’s also listed in Microsoft AppSource as Microsoft preferred solution.

Our cloud service can automatically turn everyday email communication into a powerful marketing channel, so it’s become a perfect solution in times when companies are cutting their budgets. By using Microsoft technologies, we’ve been able to achieve superior app performance and security but as the market leader, we want to push even further. That’s why we’re excited to be part of the new ISV Success Program.Simon Szczesniak, CodeTwo CEOSimon Szczesniak
CodeTwo CEO

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