CodeTwo Channel on YouTube – Better Watch It…

What do you usually do when you hear about a movie based on an interesting book? Do you read the story first or watch the film? As a matter of fact, do you read the book at all?? When it comes to me, I have to admit that sadly it more often depends on time. There are plenty of books that are worth reading but yet there are lots of things to be done and our days just won’t extend over 24 hours (pity…). It’s the same with Manuals. We all know, we should read them but: a) There’s never enough time left, b) They are always too boring.

CodeTwo Channel on YouTube

That’s why we’ve created CodeTwo Channel on YouTube. Just to make your life easier. In this section, not only will you find overview videos but also short and simple tutorials on how to use our programs. The library of videos will be systematically enriched with new topics, but as for now, go to CodeTwo Channel on YouTube and learn how to: configure the programs, share calendars and contacts in Outlook, create email rules in Exchange and improve the look of your company signatures in CodeTwo Exchange Rules. It’s all there waiting for you, so better watch it now!:)

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3 thoughts on “CodeTwo Channel on YouTube – Better Watch It…

  1. The worst “movie based on an interesting book” I have ever seen is Brave New World. I think Huxley would have sued the producers if he lived now.

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