A complete list of Office 365 language IDs

Below, you will find a complete list of Office 365 language IDs. All of those languages are supported in Office 365. The list includes a language name in English, in the respective language and a language code (ID) used, for example, as an Active Directory attribute.

Office 365 Language ID full list

In most cases, you can take a look at the list of available languages in an Office 365 profile. You can go to Settings>Language and time zone and easily scroll through the list. However, there are two problems you might encounter:

  • In a hybrid environment, you will not be able to see or change available languages. The language is synced using the prefferedLanguage attribute from the on-premises Exchange. That is why you might need one of the language codes from below to set the Exchange attribute. How to change language in Office 365 portal in a hybrid environment?
  • All language names are written in respective languages. While this is the obvious and preferred choice, it can also be problematic. If you are an English speaking admin and are asked to change the language for a user, it might make an easy task quite problematic. Fortunately, if you use the list of supported Office 365 languages from below, such a task will be a no-brainer.

Languages supported in Office 365

The table below shows all languages supported in an Office 365 environment:

Language and regionLanguage in EnglishLanguage ID (string)
Bahasa Melayu (Brunei)Malay (Brunei)ms
Bahasa Melayu (Malaysia)Malay (Malaysia)ms
català (català)Catalanca
čeština (Česká republika)Czechcs
dansk (Danmark)Danishda
Deutsch (Deutschland)German (Germany)de
Deutsch (Liechtenstein)German (Liechtenstein)de-li
Deutsch (Luxemburg)German (Luxembourg)de-lu
Deutsch (Österreich)German (Austria)de-at
Deutsch (Schweiz)German (Switzerland)de-ch
eesti (Eesti)Estonianet
English (Australia)English (Australia)en-au
English (Belize)English (Belize)en-bz
English (Canada)English (Canada)en-ca
English (Hong Kong SAR)English (Hong Kong SAR)en
English (India)English (India)en
English (Indonesia)English (Indonesia)en
English (Ireland)English (Ireland)en-ie
English (Jamaica)English (Jamaica)en-jm
English (Malaysia)English (Malaysia)en
English (New Zealand)English (New Zealand)en-nz
English (Philippines)English (Philippines)en-ph
English (Singapore)English (Singapore)en
English (South Africa)English (South Africa)en-za
English (Trinidad and Tobago)English (Trinidad and Tobago)en-tt
English (United Kingdom)English (United Kingdom)en-gb
English (United States)English (United States)en-us
English (Zimbabwe)English (Zimbabwe)en-zw
español (Argentina)Spanish (Argentina)es-ar
español (Bolivia)Spanish (Bolivia)es-bo
español (Chile)Spanish (Chile)es-cl
español (Colombia)Spanish (Colombia)es-co
español (Costa Rica)Spanish (Costa Rica)es-cr
español (Ecuador)Spanish (Ecuador)es-ec
español (El Salvador)Spanish (El Salvador)es-sv
español (España, alfabetización internacional)Spanish (International Sort)es-es
español (Estados Unidos)Spaniesh (United States)es-us
español (Guatemala)Spanish (Guatemala)es-gt
español (Honduras)Spanish (Honduras)es-hn
español (México)Spanish (Mexico)es-mx
español (Nicaragua)Spanish (Nicaragua)es-ni
español (Panamá)Spanish (Panama)es-pa
español (Paraguay)Spanish (Paraguay)es-py
español (Perú)Spanish (Peru)es-pe
español (Puerto Rico)Spanish (Puerto Rico)es-pr
español (República Dominicana)Spanish (Dominican Republic)es-do
español (Uruguay)Spanish (Uruguay)es-uy
español (Venezuela)Spanish (Venezuela)es-ve
euskara (euskara)Basqueeu
français (Belgique)French (Belgium)fr-be
français (Cameroun)French (Cameroon)fr
français (Canada)French (Canada)fr-ca
français (Congo, République démocratique du)French (Congo)fr
français (Côte d’Ivoire)French (Ivory Coast)fr
français (France)French (France)fr
français (Haïti)French (Haiti)fr
français (La Réunion)French (Reunion Island)fr
français (Luxembourg)French (Luxembourg)fr-lu
français (Mali)French (Mali)fr
français (Maroc)French (Morocco)fr
français (Monaco)French (Monaco)fr-mc
français (Sénégal)French (Senegal)fr
français (Suisse)French (Switzerland)fr-ch
galego (galego)Galiciangl
hrvatski (Bosna i Hercegovina)Croatian (Bosnia and Herzegovina)hr
hrvatski (Hrvatska)Croatian (Croatia)hr
Indonesia (Indonesia)Indonesianid
italiano (Italia)Italian (Italy)it
italiano (Svizzera)Italian (Switzerland)it-ch
latviešu (Latvija)Latvianlv
lietuvių (Lietuva)Lithuanianlt
magyar (Magyarország)Hungarianhu
Nederlands (België)Dutch (Belgium)nl-be
Nederlands (Nederland)Dutch (Netherlands)nl
norsk bokmål (Norge)Norwegianno
polski (Polska)Polishpl
português (Brasil)Portugese (Brasil)pt-br
português (Portugal)Portugese (Portugal)pt
română (Republica Moldova)Romanian (Moldova)ro-md
română (România)Romanianro
slovenčina (Slovensko)Slovaksk
slovenščina (Slovenija)Sloveniansl
srpski (Bosna i Hercegovina)Serbiansr
srpski (Crna Gora)Serbiansr
srpski (Srbija)Serbiansr
suomi (Suomi)Finnishfi
svenska (Finland)Swedish (Finland)sv-fi
svenska (Sverige)Swedishsv
Tiếng Việt (Việt Nam)Vietnamesevi
Türkçe (Türkiye)Turkishtr
Ελληνικά (Ελλάδα)Greekel
български (България)Bulgarianbg
қазақ тілі (Қазақстан)Kazakhkk
русский (Молдова)Russian (Moldova)ru-md
русский (Россия)Russian (Russia)ru
српски (Босна и Херцеговина)Sebian (Bosnia and Herzegovina)sr
српски (Србија)Serbian (Serbian)sr
српски (Црна Гора)Serbian (Montenegro)sr
українська (Україна)Ukrainianuk
(עברית (ישראלHrebrewhe
(العربية (الأردنArabic (Jordan)ar-jo
(العربية (الإمارات العربية المتحدةArabic (United Arab Emirates)ar-ae
(العربية (البحرينArabic (Kingdom of Bahrain)ar-bh
(العربية (العراقArabic (Iraq)ar-iq
(العربية (الكويتArabic (Kuwait)ar-kw
(العربية (المملكة العربية السعوديةArabic (Saudi Arabia)ar-sa
(العربية (المملكة المغربيةArabic (Kingdom of Morocco)ar-ma
(العربية (اليمنArabic (Yemen)ar-ye
(العربية (تونسArabic (Tunisia)ar-tn
(العربية (عمانArabic (Oman)ar-om
(العربية (قطرArabic (Qatar)ar-qa
(العربية (لبنانArabic (Lebanon)ar-lb
(العربية (ليبياArabic (Libya)ar-ly
(العربية (مصرArabic (Egypt)ar-eg
हिंदी ( भारत )Hindihi
ไทย ( ไทย )Thaith
한국어 ( 대한민국 )Koreanko
中文 ( 中国 )Chinese (China)zh-cn
中文 ( 台灣 )Chinese (Taiwan)zh-tw
中文 ( 新加坡 )Chinese (Singapore)zh-sg
中文 ( 澳門特別行政區 )Chinese (Macao SAR)zh-mo
中文 ( 香港特別行政區Chinese (Hong Kong SAR)zh-hk
日本語 ( 日本 )Japaneseja

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7 thoughts on “A complete list of Office 365 language IDs

  1. fr-BE doesn’t work either -> it turns out to be the same as nl-NL (Nederlands and not french) !

    • Hi Marc, thanks for the info. It seems Microsoft might have changed the language IDs or the number of languages available in Microsoft 365. I’ll look into it and update the article.

  2. Thanks for sharing.
    I have to add that the languages with two letters are not working for me, e.g. ‘de-li’ is working, ‘de’ is not.

  3. I like this list because it helped me to found out the initials of languages to istall the word office 19

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