CodeTwo Outlook Sync

Sync Outlook folders between two PCs

CodeTwo Outlook Sync

Date Published: 16 Jan 2019
Latest Version:
Size: 15.6 MB

Supported platforms

Windows 10(1) / 8.1 / 8 / 7 / Vista
Microsoft Outlook 2016 / 2013 / 2010 / 2007

Support for 32-bit and 64-bit versions

(1) If the program doesn’t work after upgrading to Windows 10 from Windows 7 or 8.1, you need to reinstall it.


Version history

Date16 Jan 2019
Changed:Updated the digital signature certificate.
Date14 Sep 2017
Fixed:Outlook Add-in would crash Outlook or make the synchronization process slower after installing the Creators Update for Windows 10.
Changed:The program is now available for free.
Date18 Oct 2016
Fixed:Minor bug fixes and programming changes.
Date10 Nov 2015
New:Program now supports MS Outlook 2016.
Fixed:The message displayed when attempting to install the program on a computer without MS Outlook has been changed.
Fixed:Multiple programming changes.
Date4 Dec 2014
Fixed:In some cases the program could not establish connection to its second instance.
Date4 Nov 2014
New:Now after the 30-day trial period, the program needs to be activated with license keys to continue synchronizing Outlook items.
Date23 Jan 2013
New:Program now supports MS Outlook 2013.
New:Program now supports Windows 8.
Date31 Aug 2012
Change:Programming changes in the setup file.
Date10 May 2012
Fixed:During the synchronization of items in multi-tiered folder structures in Outlook, some items may be deleted in error.
Date18 Apr 2012
Fixed:In some cases the program attempted to synchronize items that have not been modified, and it possibly increased the overall synchronization time.
Date21 Mar 2012
Fixed:Change of read/unread status of messages was not synchronized correctly in environments where computers had different time settings.
Date13 Feb 2012
New:Connecting is seen when the computer is attempting to connect to another machine.
New:The link to the user manual is located under the Help menu.
Fixed:In the edit window showing synchronized folders the current profiles are shown.
Fixed:In certain cases the program failed to discover that an item was deleted and restored it to the folder.
Fixed:The stability of the peer connection has been improved. In the previous version, online/offline status tended to flicker.
Fixed:Names of subfolders were incorrectly detected if the only difference in their names was character capitalization.
Fixed:Improvements to User Interface.
Date07 Nov 2011
New:The program can be opened in minimized mode.
New:The program is offered as a 30 day trial and switches to freeware mode after the trial period.
New:The user is warned about the risk of creating duplicates during the initial sync.
Fixed:In certain circumstances when the program icon was clicked in the system tray, the sync wizard was not displayed correctly.
Fixed:In certain circumstances the program displayed incorrect information on the online status of the remote computer.
Fixed:The program incorrectly communicated the offline status to a remote machine.
Fixed:Improved mechanism of connecting computers – it is possible to connect computers by computer name and IP address.
Fixed:In certain circumstances the Autosync function got looped or was abruptly stopped.
Fixed:In certain circumstances the Autosync function was not started.
Date21 Jul 2011
New:Licensing module in the main program window. Now you can run the licensing module from within the main application window.
Fixed:ReadState flag synchronization. Now the program correctly syncs the read/unread state of messages.
Fixed:Deleted items are copied to the C2Backup folder. All items deleted by the program are now also preserved in the special folder called C2Backup.
Fixed:Notifications in the Windows XP tray area. In Windows XP tray notifications are now correctly displayed.
Fixed:Compatibility check with different versions of the program. Now the program checks its protocol version against other instances of the software present in the environment. If they are not compatible the appropriate notification window will be shown.
Date24 May 2011
Fixed:Previous versions had difficulty finding all Outlook folders, particularly e-mail folders.
Fixed:New version supports temporary license keys. Now it is possible to activate the program with a temporary key and enjoy its full functionality over a limited period of time.
Fixed:Mechanism for displaying notifications in system tray.