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Suppressing and forcing signatures in CodeTwo Exchange Rules PRO


How to suppress and force signatures in CodeTwo Exchange Rules PRO?


If you are using Exchange Rules Pro version 2.x please follow these guidelines from the User's Manual.
In this article you will learn how to control the addition of the disclaimer in CodeTwo Exchange Rules PRO. This feature allows the end user either to add the disclaimer to the selected email or to suppress its addition by inserting a specific keyword in the message body. Now it is possible to choose from multiple signatures (e.g. in different languages, visual styles etc.) at the email client level.

To force signatures first create a new rule in CodeTwo Exchange Rules PRO - click Add in the List of rules pane. Next, provide the name for the rule in Add new rule dialog box e.g. Apply Signature and confirm by clicking OK.

The new rule Apply Signature will appear in the List of rules pane while the right pane will show the rule property tabs.

Go to the Conditions tab of the rule, click Add and select the Keywords filter from the menu. On the right, in the properties pane for this condition click Add and provide the phrase (e.g. ADD_SIGN) that will trigger the rule if found in the message. In the dropdown menu choose the location of the phrase. Choose between Body and subject, Subject or Body.

In the Actions tab click Add and select Insert disclaimer/signature. Use the Template Editor program to configure your signature. Click the following link to learn more about using the Template Editor program.

Save the rule by clicking on the Save button on the main ribbon menu of CodeTwo Exchange Rules PRO. Once the rule is saved it begins to operate and all messages that contain the ADD_SIGN keyword in them will be stamped by the defined signature.

To create a rule that allows suppressing (turning off) signatures, follow the steps above; however, instead of defining the keyword in the Conditions tab, define the keyword in the Exceptions tab. Click Add in the Exceptions tab and choose Keywords filter from the menu. In the properties pane for this exception click Add and provide the phrase (e.g. SIGN_OFF).

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