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How to set the priority of CodeTwo Exchange Rules Transport Agent


You need to change the order of the Transport agents priority list.


During the installation of CodeTwo Exchange Rules family software (including CodeTwo Exchange Rules PRO) or when applying Service Packs to the Windows Server operating system the order Transport agents may be changed, and the Transport agent for CodeTwo Exchange Rules family software can be placed either at the bottom or somewhere in the middle of the agents list - see Fig. 1.

KB224 - Transport agents order
Fig. 1. Order of MS Exchange Transport agents.

The Priority value describes the order in which the agents are executed - in the example above the CodeTwo Exchange Rules agent will be triggered as the last one. If you wish to change the order of your agents the following steps need to be taken:

  1. Open Exchange Management Shell (Start, Programs, Microsoft Exchange Server, Exchange Management Shell).
  2. Type and execute the below PowerShell Cmdlet in Exchange Management Shell to see your current priority list of Transport agents:
  3. Get-TransportAgent
  4. Type and execute the following command to change the priority of an agent, change <agent name> to the actual name of the agent and X to the priority value:
  5. Set-TransportAgent -identity "<agent name>" -priority X
  6. Restart MS Exchange Transport service to apply changes.


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