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How to restart Exchange 2007 Transport service


How to restart Exchange 2007 Transport service?


To restart CodeTwo Exchange Rules licensed mailboxes count you have to restart the server machine.

However, in the Exchange 2007 environment it is enough to restart only the SMTP service called Microsoft Exchange Transport. to clear the licensed mailboxes count and remove from the database those addresses that no longer need footers added.
To restart this service go to the Services window:

Click Start, choose Run, type in services.msc in the Open: field and click OK (Fig. 1.);


Run window
Fig. 1. The Run window.


Click Start, Settings, Control Panel. In the new window doubleclick Administrative Tools, then open Services.

In the Services window locate on the list the Microsoft Exchange Transport service (Fig. 2.), right click on it and choose Stop. Wait for the service to fully stop, then right click on it again and choose Start.

Fig. 2. The Services window with the Microsoft Exchange Transport service marked.

Alternatively, you can use the toolbar menu buttons (Fig. 3.) - remember to choose the proper service first so it is marked with dark blue before clicking toolbar buttons.

Fig. 3. Toolbar buttons.

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