How to insert VCARD link into the template in CodeTwo Exchange Rules


Cannot insert VCARD link into template in CodeTwo Exchange Rules 07/10/13/PRO.


CodeTwo Exchange Rules PRO enables you to use dynamic fields from Active Directory in order to supply data in the global template.  There are also fields available in Exchange Rules PRO that will let you become more creative with templates and use more than just Active Directory resource. This has been explained for example in the knowledgebase article on how to enable rotating images and links in templates of CodeTwo Exchange Rules PRO. A lot of customers are trying to use VCARDs URLs that link to user individual VCF files made available on WWW server. This article explains how to accomplish this.

Your VCARD will need to be personalized using either the Active Directory fields such as First name, Last name, Email. Therefore, the file format and the URL that your mail recipients will use to download VCARD will be as follows:, or

For the application the file will be then either {First name}.{Last name}.vcf (with a dot between the fields) or {First name}{Last name}.vcf

If your users'  VCARDs name format is different, you will need to make use of the extra AD fields named Exchattr that are explained in a separate KB article. Then, your file will be translated into {Exchattr1}.vcf, while the Exchattr field will contain for example the user logon name.

If you want to use the VCF link in the signature template, you will need to use {Rotating Text} placeholder that will be used to workaround the fact that CodeTwo Exchange Rules PRO will not let you modify the HTML Source Code to insert {First name} or {last name} or {exchattr} placeholders.

In order to use the VCARD link in your template, go to the Designer of the built-in editor and add the following syntax to the template body:

{Rotating Text}{Rotating Text}{First Name}.{Last Name}{Rotating Text}

Create a separate folder for each {Rotating Text} field placeholder used in the template body. Each folder will contain just one file the placeholder will reference. Create the files as exemplified below. Next, in the Designer of the editor, modify the properties of the {Rotating Text} fields to reference the created files:

{Rotating Text} #1 will link to an HTM file containing: <a href="

{Rotating Text} #2 will link to a TXT file

{First Name}.{Last Name} will be responsible for inserting firstname.lastname from Active Directory

{Rotating Text} #3 will link to an HTM file containing: .vcf">Download vCard</a>

If you want to vary the font of the Download vCARD part you can add styles to <a... or use another {Rotating Text} placeholder in front of <a href="... that will reference a file containg  <font...