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How to insert a company disclaimer and a personal signature into one message


CodeTwo Exchange Rules lets you use various footers in one message e.g. a company disclaimer containing information such as postal address, VAT ID no., equity, etc., and a personal signature including personal details of the user retrieved from Active Directory. The personal signature is added to each new message or reply/forward, while the company disclaimer is inserted at the very bottom of the message and only once in a series of replies.


If you are using CodeTwo Exchange Rules software of version prior to PRO 2.x, 2007 4.x, 2010 3.x, 2013 2.x or 2016 1.x, please click here to scroll down to the appropriate section. 

In newer versions of CodeTwo Exchange Rules software

To set the program to follow this scenario, create one new rule and name it as you like. Please keep in mind, that the behavior of a signature insertion is significantly different from inserting the disclaimer. The signature is always inserted, directly under the last message. The disclaimer is inserted on a very bottom of the message and only once. Please follow the steps described below:

  1. Select newly created rule on the left pane of the Administration Panel.
  2. Switch to the Actions tab.
  3. Hit Add, then select Insert signature action. In order to prepare signature, click the Edit.... Please also note, that you may use one of ready-to-go templates by clicking Load template....
  4. Again, hit the Add button, but this time select Insert disclaimer action. The edit process of a disclaimer is accomplished the same way.
  5. Hit Submit changes icon on the top ribbon to apply current configuration.

Fig. 1. Setting up the rule containing all necessary actions.

The behavior of inserting of both signatures and disclaimers is fully configurable. To verify current settings, please click the cog wheel located on the right-top corner in the editor's editable pane and choose options that will meet your requirements.

Fig. 2. Configuring the behavior of disclaimer or signature insertion.


In older versions of CodeTwo Exchange Rules software (prior to PRO 2.x, 2007 4.x, 2010 3.x or 2013 2.x)

To set the program to follow this scenario, create two separate rules for the company disclaimer and personal signature. The fist one will contain personal data and will be inserted in every message, directly under last message. Second one will stamp the message only once and place the disclaimer on a very bottom. Please configure newly created rules using description below:

  • Settings for the personal signature:
    • Check Insert signature/disclaimer under the latest response.
    • Uncheck Do not insert signature/disclaimer if it is already found in the message.
  • Settings for the company disclaimer:
    • Uncheck Insert signature/disclaimer under the latest response.
    • Check Do not insert signature/disclaimer if it is already found in the message.

Fig. 3. Configuring older version of CodeTwo Exchange Rules family.


In CodeTwo Exchange Rules 2003 3.x, 2007 2.x and 2010 1.x you should find these settings in Advanced Options dialog box of the new rule wizard in Replying and Forwarding section (Fig. 4). In the CodeTwo Exchange Rules Pro 1.x software such preferences are also available, you will need to click on Options... button after selecting the action of Insert disclaimer/signature.

Advanced Options dialog box.
Fig. 4. Advanced Options dialog box.

With such settings in action a new message will receive a personal disclaimer and underneath the company disclaimer. In a reply to a message containing the text of the first message, the personal disclaimer will again be placed below the response text, while the company disclaimer will not be added at all.

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