How to have parts of signatures removed on the fly when they have not been replaced by data from AD


You want to have parts of signatures removed on the fly when they have not been replaced by data from Active Directory.


If you are using a version of CodeTwo software that is not listed in the Applies to section on the right pane please consider this article instead.

CodeTwo Exchange Rules family software (including the PRO version) features a built-in capability to process RT (Remove Text) control tags. RT control tags are exceptionally useful when creating personalized disclaimers including Active Directory placeholders. If the placeholders within a disclaimer cannot be filled with values as the corresponding data is missing from Active Directory, the redundant disclaimer element marked by control tags will be automatically removed.

In signatures Active Directory placeholders are frequently preceded by a signaling phrase, such as Phone, Fax , E-mail, etc. If a user does not have the corresponding variables filled with values in Active Directory, the signature in messages they send would only contain the signaling word, while missing the info. To avoid such problems, use RT control tags.

  1. Open the Template editor by clicking Edit template button located in the properties pane of the action responsible for inserting the disclaimer/signature.
  2. Insert RT tags in the following way:
    • First, add the placeholder as well as the signaling word e.g. Tel. {Phone}
    • Highlight both elements using the left mouse button.
    • When highlighted, click the Remove Text Tag button in the editor's ribbon - the RT tags will be inserted in front of and behind the phrase.

Fig. 1. Remove Text Tag button in the editor's toolbar in CodeTwo Exchange Rules.

Below is an example of a signature in which the line containing the phone number will be removed if this number is missing for this user in Active Directory.

{First name} {Last name}
{RT}Phone: {Phone}{/RT}
Mobile: {Mobile}

Please be aware, though, that if used exactly as above, in the case {Phone} AD field is empty only content between {RT} and {/RT} will be removed, therefore a result will be an empty line. If you wish the break line character to be removed as well so there is no empty line in the middle of your signature you need to put {/RT} closing tag at the beginning of the next line as in the example below:

{First name} {Last name}
{RT}Phone: {Phone}
{/RT}>Mobile: {Mobile}