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How to completely remove CodeTwo Exchange Rules family software

This article is obsolete and may relate only to older versions of our software.


You need to completely remove CodeTwo Exchange Rules family software.


To completely remove CodeTwo Exchange Rules family software from your system:

  1. Backup your rules using import/export feature. Learn more
  2. Backup any *.config files you may have edited in installation and settings folders. This must be done manually.
  3. In the case you follow the steps described here as a troubleshooting procedure, you also need to do a backup of the CodeTwo folder located in your %ProgramData%. Zip the folder and use our file upload form to send it to our Customer Support. If you did backup any *.config files mentioned in step 2. please include them as well. The files might be needed to further develop our programs and to make sure they are as reliable as possible.
  4. Uninstall the program from Windows Control Panel.
  5. Remove all remaining CodeTwo Exchange Rules family software folders, check the below paths for folders containing either the name of the product or just CodeTwo (inspect this folder prior to removing in the case you have more software of ours installed so you do not delete other programs' files by accident). Please note the drive letter and folder names below may be different depending on your system configuration and locales.
    • %ProgramData%
    • %ProgramFiles%
    • C:\Users\<user who installed the product>\AppData\Roaming\
    • C:\Windows\ServiceProfiles\NetworkService\AppData\Roaming\

If you are reinstalling the program, please use the newest installer of the software available, which can be downloaded from our website: Please make sure you are licensed to use the newest version first.

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