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Display language of the AD field "Country"


The {Country} placeholder is filled with an incorrect value, for example, instead of a local country name (Deutschland), the English name of the country appears (Germany).


The Country field in Active Directory consists of three attributes:

  • – 2-character ISO-3166 country code, e.g. US,
  • co – the name of the country as a text string, e.g. United States,
  • countryCode – the country code for the user's language of choice, e.g. 840.

When filling the {Country} placeholder, CodeTwo Exchange Rules uses the co attribute. To modify that attribute, follow these steps:

  1. Open Active Directory Users and Computers and enable Advanced Features on the View tab (Fig 1.).

    Fig. 1. Enabling Advanced features in Active Directory Users and Computers.

  2. Expand your domain tree on the left and navigate to Users. Select any user on the list and open their properties (Fig. 2.).

    AD Users and Computers - user properties
    Fig. 2. Opening the properties of an AD user.

  3. Navigate to the Attribute Editor tab and find the co attribute on the list (Fig. 3.).


    The Attribute Editor tab is not available if you use the Find (Find Users, Contacts, and Groups) option to find a user and open their properties. You need to manually locate a user (as explained above) to have access to all properties. 

    Fig. 3. Locating the co attribute on the Attribute Editor tab.

  4. Select the co attribute and click the Edit button. In a window that opens, change the value of the attribute to suit your needs (Fig. 4.).

    Fig. 4. Editing the co attribute.

  5. Restart CodeTwo services, so that the changes you've made can take effect.

From now on, the {Country} placeholder will display the value Deutschland instead of Germany

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