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Transport agent timeout settings


You need to manually configure timeout settings for communication between CodeTwo agent of MS Exchange Transport service and CodeTwo Engine service of CodeTwo Exchange Rules Pro 2 or CodeTwo Exchange Rules family.


You can do that by modifying the CodeTwo agent configuration file. To do that:

  1. Please open the file  Agent.xml located in the %ProgramData% folder, which by default is:
    C:\ProgramData\CodeTwo Exchange Rules\Config\

    If you are using CodeTwo Exchange Rules software of version prior to Pro 2.3.0, 2007 4.3.0, 2010 3.3 or 2013 2.3, please update your installation immediately by downloading and running the latest version of relevant installer. All steps described in this article are no longer eligible for those outdated versions.

  2. Find the below section:
  3. And change values from 30000 to desired ones (numbers are in milliseconds).

    Be aware that the upper limit is 90000, however, this 90 seconds limit is MS Exchange Transport service limit for all its agents together. This means that the timeout values defined in CodeTwo software config file should be considerably lower as other agents and MS Exchange Transport service itself also require some time for mail processing within those 90000 milliseconds. Failing to allocate the time properly may cause the MS Exchange Transport service to reach the global limit of 90 seconds and crash. Learn more about overload problems

    It may be wise to change the settings in question, each to a slightly different value. In the case of any problems, differently set timeouts may be helpful during troubleshooting. So for example, you wish to change the timeouts to 50 seconds you would set first value to 51000, second one to 52000, third one to 53000 and the fourth one to 54000.

    You can use the below example, however, it may be required to adjust the timeout values even further.

  4. After modifying the agent config file, you need to restart the MS Exchange Transport service.

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