Sharing documents with CodeTwo Public Folders

This situation must have happened to every person on the planet a number of times: You had been looking for something for 30 minutes; you searched every drawer in your desk, checked the kitchen table, looked literally in every nook and cranny. Then, burning with rage, you started to examine contents of your refrigerator, opened the oven, went out to dig for it in a dumpster. Nothing! Eventually, you returned home downhearted and.. there it was! On top of your desk!

Sharing documents with CodeTwo Public Folders is sometimes pretty much the same for our users. Some of them assume that this is going to be so difficult that they don’t even think of doing it. Others try to doing it in a way even our software developers aren’t aware of. I know what you’re thinking right now: “OK smarty-pants! Stop taking the Mickey out of me and tell me how to do it!”.

Well, the solution is just around the corner and it is as simple as looking for something on your desk first. It is enough if you create an Outlook folder (Mail and Post Items) and then simply drag&drop your files onto it. That’s it! No magic needed. Using this method and CodeTwo Public Folders, you can share Office documents, PDF files, MP3, AVI, JPG, ZIP, RAR and many more.

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Sharing documents with CodeTwo Public Folders

7 thoughts on “Sharing documents with CodeTwo Public Folders

  1. I always have it attached to my credit card. Just like my home address attached to my keys. If I loose them, someone will bring them home.. always.

  2. About forgetting things… I write the credit card PIN on the wall next to the cash machine, so I’ve got it ready at hand when I need it.

  3. I use my mobile phone quite often. Sometimes I need to get dressed and storm out of my flat still being on a call. I put on my jacket, take my keys and then start looking for my phone. It usually takes me a while until I realize I’m holding it in my hand… Once, I even told the person I was talking with that I can’t find my phone… You can only imagine how bewildered she was…

  4. Actually, many Outlook users are not aware that they can store Office documents and other files directly in Outlook folders. And with CodeTwo Public Folders this feature is even much more powerful, because you can share documents with other users in your network in real time.

  5. Yes, you can use mail&post folder to share files of virtually any extension type that are used in your business by applications other than outlook. it is a brilliant feature…

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