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Do you keep an electronic calendar in your office? Do you feel hampered by not being able to share it for other users to sync the work in your office? If you have looked for a solution but found nothing, search no more as the list of freeware applications offered by CodeTwo gets expanded today. The new solution is called CodeTwo NetCalendars and can be used to share calendars in the local network or over the Internet.

CodeTwo NetCalendars is an ingenious little tool that may bring so much functionality to your desktop or laptop.  It introduces a very desirable capability to your office i.e. that of internal and public calendaring as well as resource reservation.

Using CodeTwo NetCalendars you keep a calendar that other users will access, as well as accessing public calendars that are kept by your fellow workers at their own computers so that you can work as a team. This means groups of employees or the whole departments can keep, view and edit the same shared calendar while the changes they input circulate the network in real time, so in other words the new appointments and meetings are visible for other users in a split second without the need to issue a synchronization prompt.

The scope of possible use for this smart application is vast. Some examples:
– plan and assign tasks for employees;
– book resources;
– calculate billable hours;
– keep workflow in sync;
– aid harmonious circulation of information;
– and more…

The calendars created in CodeTwo NetCalendars share the features of the well-known Outlook calendars in many respects. You can tag the appointments and meetings with color categories to easily single out items at a glance. Next, you can add reminders to items to make sure you are alerted early enough to see to what’s coming up. Finally, the items will include data fields for the subject, start and end date, location and extra description.

Good news for Outlook addicts as our program lets you keep working in the Outlook calendar while retaining the sharing functionality. Any change you make to the outlook-based calendar is immediately reflected in the shared calendar. This means you save the time that would be otherwise spent copying appt. to a separate calendar sharing utility. Your fellow workers will easily access your Outlook-based calendar from their machines.

You may wonder if the tool enables differentiating permissions for users to the shared calendar. The answer is yes. With CodeTwo NetCalendars you finely configure the access rights so that only authorized persons are allowed to see, add, edit and delete items in the calendar you host.

Apart from the above mentioned features you can too print multiple calendars in a single view, have private appt. that will be hidden from all users but yourself, work in offline mode when your PC is disconnected from the network.

CodeTwo NetCalendars is basically a calendar sharing utility. If you would like to share all Outlook items with an application that fully integrates with this most popular mail program, look no further than here for CodeTwo Public Folders – a comprehensive Outlook groupwork application.

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22 thoughts on “Free Calendaring Tool

  1. Hi, we just start to use NetCalender. Thanks for developing this application. It is great and help us on sharing the schedule.

    Besides that, i have 1 thing need to clarify:
    When we share a outlook calender, most of the appointments is shown correctly, but some of the recurrence appointment is shown wrongly or not showing.

    Is this because of NetCalender do not support recurrence appointment?

    Thank you

  2. Just installed NetCalendars and get an error message trying to run it the first time. It says Outlook is not the Standard E-mail client. But it is.

    Running Outlook 2013 on Windows 8.


  3. Hi Henk!

    Thank you for your feedback. Sorry to hear that.

    Have you tried clean reinstallation of the program? Moreover – does the program behave the same way even without any calendars set in it for synchronization?

  4. C2NetCalendars.exe using 99 – 100% of CPU!
    Great application as I am using CodeTwoSync for iCloud….
    If not fixable, then I wont be able to use.

  5. We fell over at the starting line with NetCalendars
    Our 32 bit outlook 2010 running windows 7 professional could only take entries to Calenders made in outlook
    When we tried to make an appointment in the outlook calendar via netcalander the program froze upon a refresh attempt.

    we are combing firewall and antivirus settings but what a huge waste of time.

    I this a known issue with a quick fix or simply one situation where it is going to be very hard work to get a code2 program working

  6. @ Tobias G. Please review your access rights. Also I am not sure what do you mean by “with the reminder” – could you please contact our support to resolve this? Thanks!

  7. Thank you for the great program. But one thing wrong.
    With the reminder window other people can see my private appointments and their content. Is this a bug? All users have their own Outlook calendar associated with the CodeTwo Netcalendar. My colleagues have only read permission as “guest” to the calendar. But with the reminder they can see my private appointments.
    The permissions to delete or change my appoinments working properly.

  8. Hi Richard. Glad you like the program. You can try CodeTwo Public Folders to sync Outlook calendar over the internet

  9. just started using the software to sync the agenda of my wife and mine. really great functionality. one question I have: as I am out traveling a lot my computer is not always connected to my home network. I would like to know whether you have an advice how I can sync my agenda over the internet with the agenda of my wife at home?
    thanks for your feedback. rgds, Richard

  10. The problem might be due to the clock settings in your machine, time zones? This is where I would be looking first. If your clock updates from a server clock you might want to check that. Similar problems were not reported.

  11. Hi. We are using NetCalender between 3 computers syncing outlook. When we book an appointment with CodeTwo the time quickly updates to the following hour (if we book 9-10 it updates to 10-11) But if we book in Outlook it leaves the time as is. Any ideas ???? Thanks

  12. Hallo, thanks for nice tool which we are using in our office (~7 PCs). We even run this software as a service on our server so we have a “server-based” group calendar! :-) (it would be great to create a native windows service to share database to network without client functionalities…) But one thing is really very missing for us: SEARCHING functionality. Would be any possibility to add this? I thing that it would be useful for all users! Second thing which we would like to have is the possibility for appointments to have colors as an addition to categories (as in Outlook 2003). Third addition: would be possible to add and keep date and time of creation of the appointment? Now only user is listed in item, last change has also date/time. And – to complete our list:-): add the possibility to print also an item (appointment), not only whole week. We hope that this (mainly searching function!) will be added to next version of this very useful tool. When you will need a help with Slovak translation, do not hesitate to contact us. Thanks!

    • @Robert

      Thanks for the feature requests. We will pass them to our development team and see what they say about it. As for now, if you want to share your Outlook calendars between many PCs, with categories and other Outlook calendar features, try CodeTwo Public Folders together with CodeTwo CatMan. See this video:–MesYB8&list=UUWGSD0Le54nM2hJPSxPENog&index=19&feature=plcp

  13. Thank you Alessandro. The program does not pick any category color when trying to print. Unfortunately I have no information if and when this will be changed, sorry.

  14. Great tool. If you need an Italian translation, feel free to contact me. Only I can’t see any color in the print preview and final print of the calendar about categories and I don’t know why. Thank you anyway.

  15. Great to hear that Kelly. If you’re using MS Outlook you might find our latest product useful as well. It is called CodeTwo Outlook Sync:

  16. We are a two person office. We have used the NetCalendar for just over 2 weeks and love it. Would like to see post it notes feature similar to what adobe offers so we can leave notes without creating a separate appointment. Set up was quick and easy. We were using the product in less than an hour. Note that when users pick the same color for a category but call it something different, no category color shows up, though it is still listed in the appointment detail. Overall, great product for our needs.

  17. we are a small family run company with 7 computers – we would like to be able to share a calender without forking out for an exchange server. we trialled ‘Shareo’ but it was a pain in the butt because we kept getting each others reminders etc.
    We have a buffalo drive which all the PC’s are connected up to – would it be possibe to park the calender on here so that everyone can access it from there or does the ‘master’ need to be parked on a PC?

  18. This tool is a great help to our busy office. Allowing even project management to be syncronised. Would like a few more view alternatives, may be 2 lines of each entry on display, colour changes and 2 weeks to a view, but other than that great bit of software. thanks.

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