Convince your boss to back up Exchange/Office 365 mailbox data!

As an Exchange/Office 365 administrator, you are perhaps loaded with work to make sure everything functions smoothly and no disaster is going to affect your company. There is no need to mention that a situation in which the company cannot function properly due to unexpected technical issues is the boss’s hardly favorite one. However, when there is so much you need to care about you may simply miss one important thing – namely creating backup copies of all mailbox data that might be necessary to ensure business continuity.

Convince your boss to back up mailbox data

Creating backup copies of all possible data may turn out to be crucial in the future and save the company a lot of trouble. However, if there is anyone who still thinks that a backup is something dispensable, we thought it might be helpful to gather some key ideas about the necessity of having backups and briefly discuss them in one place on the web.

This way a new website has seen the light of the day to serve you as some kind of checklist to be considered before making a final decision regarding your backup policy.

This website will help you:

  • Find out why backup copies seem to be important not only with respect to internal procedures regarding data safety but also to the local or international law.
  • Realize that important data may be lost not only by an accident but it may be deleted on purpose leading to unexpected, and sometimes also legal, far-reaching consequences.
  • Learn more about possible solutions that will prevent data loss and, in cases when data is already deleted, how to restores missing items.

Visit the website now

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