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How to add a user to Organization Management group


How to manually manage the Organization Management group membership.


Add a desired user to the Organization Management group using Windows ps PowerShell:

  1. Run ps Powershell.
  2. Check the Powershell version by typing cmdlet:

    • The empty response means you are using version 1.0.
    • For versions 2.0 and newer you should see detailed answer.
    • We recommend to keep PowerShell updated to avoid compatibility problems. To download the newest version of PowerShell please visit this Microsoft website.
  3. If the Exchange Server is in remote location for example hosted or you are connecting to Office 365 learn how to connect to remote Exchange via Powershell. To manage assignment locally (MS Exchange Server on-premises or when logged on to remote Exchange via Remote Desktop, etc.) execute the below commands in ems Exchange Management Shell.
  4. Check what users are already members of the Organization Management group.

    Get-RoleGroup "Organization Management" | select members
  5. Add a user to the Organization Management group:

    Add-RoleGroupMember "Organization Management" -Member "<account name>"
    • where <account name> is a name of the desired user.
  6. You can remove a user from the group with this command if necessary:

    Remove-RoleGroupMember "Organization Management" -Member "<account name>"

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