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Import or export mailbox items via MFCMAPI


How to import or export mailbox items by using the MFCMAPI tool.


There are at least two ways of importing and exporting mailbox items:

  1. You can use your MS Outlook and Windows drag and drop feature:
    • To export an item simply drag it from Outlook to your desktop and it will be saved as .msg file.
    • To import an item simply drag it into Outlook and it will be imported.
    • This option seems easy and convenient and in many, if not most cases suffices. However, items export is limited to .msg format, Outlook modifies some items' properties when exporting them this way and you actually need to have Outlook and direct access to the mailbox in question to do this. To avoid the above listed problems use option 2 and MFCMAPI.
  2. You can use a free tool - MFCMAPI:
    • First of all, you need to have MAPI profile configured on the machine on which you are about to run MFCMAPI. If you have Outlook installed but never used before MFCMAPI tool will guide you through MAPI profile configuration when following steps below. In the case you do not have Outlook you can install MS CDO instead, so the MFCMAPI can talk to MAPI.

Fig. 1. MAPI profile configuration window.

  • Download the MFCMAPI tool and launch it.
  • Go to Session, Logon...

Fig. 2. MAPI profile logon menu.

  • Choose the MAPI profile that will be used to access mailbox(es).

Fig. 3. MAPI profile selection window.

  • To access Public Folders or a mailbox of currently logged in user right click on the name of the mailbox and choose Open store.

Fig. 4. Mailbox selection window.

  • To access other users' mailboxes go to MDB, Open other mailboxes and pick a method of your choice

Fig. 5. Opening other users' mailboxes.

  • Expand Root Container.

Fig. 6. Mailbox view window.

  • Expand folders in the left pane to find mailbox folders.

Fig. 7. Mailbox folders view.

  • Right click on the folder of your choice and pick Open contents table.

Fig. 8. Accessing mailbox folders.

  • To import an item to this folder click Folder, Import and choose one of three available formats.

Fig. 9. Importing items into the mailbox.

  • To export an item from this folder right click on the item you picked and choose Export message. Now choose the message format.

Fig. 10. Exporting mailbox items.

Fig. 11. Item export formats menu.

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