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How to export rules settings in CodeTwo Exchange Rules


How to export rules settings in CodeTwo Exchange Rules family software.


CodeTwo Exchange Rules family is provided with a built-in Import/Export tool that allows you to easily backup and restore or copy existing rules settings. The software's menu differs slightly between versions, but in all of them, Import/Export button is available from top menu bar.

  1. Run your Exchange Rules Administration Panel.
  2. Click Import/Export icon.
  3. Select Export settings... option and choose the location

Fig. 1. Import/Export tool in current version of CodeTwo Exchange Rules.

Fig. 3. Import/Export tool in one of the older versions.

You can now use your exported rules file for:

  • keeping it safe on a separate disk as a backup
  • copying it and importing into a different CodeTwo Exchange Rules server to use exactly the same set of rules
  • sending it to CodeTwo Customer Support in case of any problems.
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