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How to prepare a diagnostic email for the CodeTwo Support Team


CodeTwo Email Signatures 365 does not work as expected (e.g. signatures are not added), and you were requested by the CodeTwo Support Team to provide a diagnostic email that will help our engineers solve the problem.


To diagnose the issue and provide a solution, you need to send us the email for which the problem occurs. This email needs to be provided exactly as it appears in the mailbox of the recipient. To prevent the message from any modifications, prepare the diagnostic email by following these steps:

  1. Get the email for which the problem appeared and save it as an MSG or EML file.
  2. Send the email file to the CodeTwo Support Team via a dedicated upload form.

If the problem with CodeTwo software happens when you send an email to an external recipient, you need to ask this person to follow the instructions given here and send you the zipped email as an email attachment.

1. Choose the right email and save it as an MSG/EML file

The email in which signature issues have been observed needs to be taken directly from the recipient's inbox (to ensure that the message header contains full mail flow information) and saved locally in the MSG or EML format.

MSG is the preferred format if the diagnostic email comes from any desktop version of Outlook. Choose the EML format if your diagnostic email comes from Office 365 or any other email client (e.g. Gmail).

For more information and detailed instructions on how to export an email to the MSG and EML format, see our Knowledge Base article.


The email ca​n’t be exported from the Sent Items folder, sent back to you as a reply, or forwarded to us because these actions change the information stored in the message header.

2. Send the email file to CodeTwo Support

Once you saved the email as an .eml or .msg file, you need to send this file to our Support via a custom upload form.

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