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Creating the signatures in HTML, RTF and Plaintext formats

This article is obsolete and may relate only to older versions of our software.


Why shall we create the signatures in all available formats?


While  attempting to leave the Template Editor in CodeTwo Exchange Rules PRO without creating the signature in every format, the warning window appears:

  • in Exchange Rules 2007/2010/2013 and Exchange Rules Pro 1 (Fig. 1.)

    Fig. 1. Warning message after creating the signature in HTML only.

  • in Exchange Rules Pro 2 (Fig. 2.)

    Fig. 2. Warning message after attempt to save the signature in HTML format only

The warning says that the messages in the listed formats won't be stamped with the signature by our software. It is important to create a template in all available formats  (HTML, RTFPlain Text), because there are many devices and email applications on the market that are not capable of sending messages in the most popular HTML format (e.g. mobile devices). Even Meeting requests from Microsoft Outlook are sent in RTF format, so if the template in this format is missing, Meeting requests won't have the signature applied by CodeTwo Exchange Rules

To create templates in all formats, please click the format tab above the Template Editor toolbar that corresponds to the desired format, (see below pictures) and compose a template in the text field. To make this operation easier we have designed the convert option and  all you need to do is to click the Convert button. Then you should only check if converted template meets your requirements. 

Fig. 3. Formats tab in Template Editor of CodeTwo Exchange Rules PRO

Fig. 4. Formats tab in CodeTwo Exchange Rules 2007 3.x / 2010 2.x / 2013 1.x

Fig. 5. Formats tab in CodeTwo Exchange Rules Pro 2


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