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CodeTwo services endpoints and IP addresses

This article lists all IP addresses used by CodeTwo Email Signatures 365 (the CodeTwo cloud service). If your organization uses an endpoint security mechanism (endpoint filtering) that blocks or allows specific endpoints (such as URLs, IP addresses, port numbers, etc.), be sure to allow traffic on the addresses specified below. 

CodeTwo Signatures Web Add-in for Outlook endpoints

If you are using CodeTwo Email Signatures 365 in Outlook (client-side) or combo mode, you also need to whitelist endpoint addresses used by the CodeTwo Signatures Web Add-in for Outlook. Otherwise, the add-in will not work.

Below you can find the IP addresses of the CodeTwo cloud service regions.

Important: We don't recommend using IP addresses listed below in any third-party service (e.g. endpoint security mechanism or smart host). These IPs are updated frequently, so use them only if necessary and make sure to keep your configuration up to date with the addresses provided here. Otherwise, your mail flow may be affected.

  • North Europe:
  • West Europe:
  • UK South:
  • Germany West Central:
  • Canada East:
  • North Central US:
  • West US:
  • Australia East:
  • UAE North:

See this page for the map of our regions.

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