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CodeTwo and Exchange 2013 SP1


After installation of Service Pack 1 (SP1) also known as Cumulative Update 4 (CU4) on Mailbox role MS Exchange Server 2013 machine (build 847.32): 

  • With previously installed CodeTwo Exchange Rules family software, the MS Exchange Transport Service stopped working and does not start despite server reboot or manual start attempt after installation.
  • the installer of CodeTwo Exchange Rules PRO or CodeTwo Exchange Rules 2013 fails to install CodeTwo Transport Agent.
  • Manual agent installation from Exchange Management Shell returns an error:
    The TransportAgentFactory type "Agent.CAgentFactoryRouting" doesn't exist. The TransportAgentFactory type must be the Microsoft .NET class type of the transport agent factory.
  • Event viewer log files reveal error events:
    Failed to create agent factory (...), Failed to create type 'Agent.CAgentFactoryRouting' from assembly (...)


To solve the problem described below please run this Microsoft fix tool - KB2938053 or update your Exchange Server 2013 version to the CU 5 or newer.

CodeTwo Exchange Rules family software works with the Service Pack 1 for MS Exchange Server 2013, however, a fix tool from Microsoft KB2938053 must be run or Cumulative Update 5 (CU5) for MS Exchange Server 2013 (or newer) must be applied prior to installing CodeTwo software. According to the users comments under the official Microsoft Service Pack release announcement the issue is caused by the Service Pack itself and impacts Transport agents of other vendors as well. It was difficult for third parties to be prepared for this issue as it was only discovered a few days before the official SP1 release. The problem emerged in one of the builds between 847.28 and 847.32 as the first one was still working properly and the latter one is corrupted official SP1 version.

The problem lies with assembly redirection policies files being improperly formatted - they contain unsupported commenting style what makes them being unrecognized as valid XML and therefore ignored by Microsoft .NET. Multiple config files in Global Assembly Cache folder contain unwanted comments, however, only two of them have influence on CodeTwo software directly. We previously suggested a workaround involving manual removal of invalid comment lines in those two .cfg files in GAC folder, however, as Microsoft already released a KB with a fix that addresses this issue (which you can download from their website) such a manual files modification is not necessary anymore. Also you can download and install the Cumulative Update 5 for Exchange Server 2013 (CU5) where this fix is implemented.

Be aware that Microsoft fix requires a server restart and an agent to be reinstalled. Please see this KB article to find out how to manually reinstall an agent if for some reason the whole product reinstallation does not do the trick.

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