Backup of Exchange and Office 365 mailboxes

Use CodeTwo Backup applications to create offline backup copies of your users’ Exchange and Office 365 mailboxes. Schedule backup jobs, browse and preview data, granularly restore items, folders, or mailboxes, and recover their previous versions.

“CodeTwo Backup does exactly what I wanted it to do. It enables us to have a far greater degree of personal control over our data stored in Exchange Online than the native tools make possible. We no longer have to rely on an outside entity to maintain our data’s backups. No matter who that outside company is, or how big it is, this data is ultimately OUR responsibility, and CodeTwo Backup helps us to keep it safe!”

Jeremy Harrington
ChromaDex, Inc.


CodeTwo Backup for Office 365

Back up Office 365 and Exchange Online mailboxes to local drives


  • Comply with laws mandating local storage of electronic records
  • Gain full control over your Office 365 mailboxes
  • Restore healthy versions of corrupted or accidentally altered data
  • Save money on Office 365 licenses, by downloading inactive users’ mailboxes to your drives
  • Easily replicate items, folders, and mailboxes, even between separate Office 365 domains
  • Remove the extra fat from users’ mailboxes to make their Outlooks lean and mean again
  • Trust Microsoft’s Cloud, but prepare for occasional rain

CodeTwo Backup for Exchange

Incremental Exchange mailbox backup and granular restore


  • Forget about PSTs and EDBs – back up Exchange mailboxes to granularly recoverable storages
  • Create one-time mailbox copies or set up incremental backups
  • Perform backups without affecting users' work
  • Work with all Exchange folder types, and items of all ages
  • Restore healthy versions of corrupted or accidentally altered items, folders, and mailboxes
  • Clean up users’ mailboxes to improve their email clients’ performance
  • Stop worrying about your data’s safety and learn to love backups

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