CodeTwo Exchange Sync

  • Synchronize Exchange folders
  • Access public folders on mobile devices
  • Synchronize data in real time
  • For Exchange Server 2013, 2010 & 2007

Customer Case Study

Elite Power and Energy Corporation

Case study by Elite Power and Energy Corporation - CodeTwo Exchange Sync

Company description

Elite Power and Energy Corporation is an electrical contractor providing residential, government, small business and industrial solutions for ensuring reliable power backup systems. The company is also known for their exceptional customer service being delivered along with the solid power backup solutions. 


The company uses an Exchange Server public calendar for scheduling purposes. This calendar can be accessed by any employee in the office. However, project managers often needed to view these public schedules while working on projects outside their bureaus. The problem was that they could not do that without using VPN. Since VPN connection was not an option, the company needed a different solution that would allow mobile workers access public calendars from outside of the organization.


Kelly Tidwell, President of Elite Power and Energy Corporation, found CodeTwo Exchange Sync while performing a targeted search on the internet. The features described on the product’s pages seemed to exactly match the company needs so CodeTwo Exchange Sync had been given a try. It quickly turned out that the program works exactly as described in the documentation and the installation and configuration went very smoothly. “The program works exactly as described and has many features that give it much flexibility. Obviously, a lot of thought has gone into this product.”, says Tidwell. Thanks to CodeTwo Exchange Sync, project managers at Elite can now view the events from the public scheduling calendar on their mobile devices. The public elements are pushed to their calendars by means of CodeTwo Exchange Sync in real time. The rest of the job is performed by Exchange Active Sync.


Company name:Elite Power and Energy Corporation
Number of employees:20
Number of emails processed every day:1,000
Problem:Viewing public schedules on mobile devices outside the office.
Solution/Product:CodeTwo Exchange Sync
Implementation type:Small Business Server 2008
Implementation time:1 hour

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