Sync iPhone and iPad with Outlook – now it’s seamless

We wouldn’t be ourselves if we hadn’t fixed an issue with a 3rd party product and then shared it with the world. Many of our tools were initially created solely for our own needs, tested by us in a live environment as we grew from a small business to what we are now, and then turned into products that many of you use today. So… here we come with another tool for Outlook and iPhone/iPad aficionados.

We’ve heard from our fellow users that the iCloud feature from Apple™, which is meant to synchronize Outlook with iCloud, iPhone, iPad and other iCloud-compatible devices, is a great tool but does not really sync the stuff that you already have in Outlook but creates another set of folders.

To delve into the problem, we started using iCloud Control Panel together with Outlook for our own needs and soon we realized that our Outlook synchronization algorithms can quickly fix the issue. That’s how we came up with this:

CodeTwo Sync for iCloud enables you to automatically synchronize Microsoft Outlook folders with iCloud folders – the rest is in done by iCloud itself. The program will let you seamlessly synchronize Outlook calendar, tasks and contacts with your smartphone. And, as always, it’s easier and faster than you can imagine.

Just check it out for yourself:
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52 thoughts on “Sync iPhone and iPad with Outlook – now it’s seamless

  1. Ashley,

    First off – our program does not sync email:

    You do not need to sync your email between Outlook and iPhone or iPad using iCloud as this is done automatically via IMAP mail protocol.
    Therefore make sure your Outlook is configured to connect to your mailbox via IMAP, instead of POP3 (which is most probably the case at the moment). Once you do that – you’ll see the read/unread status is synced automatically between your Outlook and iPhone.

  2. Hey,
    Will this program allow me to read an email from outlook and respond and will it show on my iPhone that it has been read and responded to.
    The issue I am having is tat I read 30 emails on my outlook and then when I open my iPhone it showing them as not read.
    Will it sync emails as well as calendar? Cheers

  3. When I synced Outlook public calendar with ICloud, the calendar entries were duplicated and triplicated in Icloud as well as in my public calendar. … that I have cleaned that all up, if I want to sync in the future, will that happen again? How do I stop it. Also, the complete public calendar does not sync over to the cloud. Outlook want me to disable the program.

  4. Hello Elaine,

    The current version of Sync for iCloud does not allow for synchronizing many folders to one. If all goes well, we may implement this feature in version 2.0 (unfortunatelly the release will be slightly delayed).

  5. I love the product, great job. Question – I have multiple Outlook Calendars only some of which I want to sync to a single iCloud calendar. I have tried to set this up but get the error message “The selected iCloud folder is already set to sync with “Personal Folders\Calendar” Please choose another iCloud folder. Is there a way sync multiple Outlook calendars to a single iCloud calendar?

  6. Hello Mary,

    I forwarded your suggestion to our developers, who are currently working on a new and improved version of CodeTwo Sync for iCloud. This version (Sync for iCloud 2.0) should be available in circa 1 month. If you would like to receive an email notifying you about the release, please contact our Support team and request to be added to the Sync for iCloud mailing list.

  7. I have read through this blog and didn’t see an answer to my question, so I apologize if this is a repeat issue. I have not yet used this product so want to make sure it can do what I need. I am a physician and we use exchange at my work/hospital and my assistant has access to my outlook calendar (we both enter events/appointments, assign categories/colors coding/notes, etc). I am currently able to sync my outlook calendar to my standard iphone calendar very easily using icloud on my phone. All of my outlook calendar appointments show up alongside my iphone calendar appointments, but the categories/color coding from the outlook calendar entries are lost when viewing on my iphone. As I’m sure you know, to color code the iphone calendar entries, I have to create different iphone “calendars” that are each assigned different colors (1 calendar/color for “personal,” 1 calendar/color for “vacation,” 1 calendar/color for “meetings”, etc), so each calendar has its own color (this is their version of assigning “categories”). the issue is that my outlook calendar also shows up on the iphone as 1 separate calendar with its own color, but all entries made in the outlook calendar at work are now the same color. This is cumbersome and frustrating, as I have multiple iphone calendars for my phone to get different colors/categories to show up, but 1 outlook calendar at work that has different colors/categories assigned within the calendar. How do I get the colors/categories from my outlook calendar at work to be preserved on my iphone calendar? If I could do this, I wouldn’t need the multiple different iphone calendars? Can Code Two solve this problem for me? Thank you!

  8. Hi Simon,

    Do you mean that the reminder is not present in the synced appointment, even if you open the item? It should be synced.
    Try reaching our support team on on this matter.

  9. Quick question… when I create an appointment on my iPhone or iPad with a reminder it successfully syncs to the iCloud calendar in Outlook with the reminder but the sync across from the iCloud calendar to my default Outlook calendar doesn’t persist the reminder. Am I doing something wrong or is this a limitation of the CodeTwo sync software – and if so are there any plans to fix this in a future release?


  10. have a desktop and laptop. just got iphone 3G. my iphone was not sync to outlook. I have got it working now over icloud. problems with the number of calendars. I have icloud, home, local and calendar [email protected] and duplicate entries. Is there not a minimum amt of calendars. very confusing?

  11. I have a request to sync the calendar of 2 different Exchange users to 1 iPhone i.e. calendar sharing. E.g. PA wants to access a Director’s calendar on iPhone.

    Can this be done using Code 2?

    • Hi Dylan
      You can do it with CodeTwo Exchange Sync:
      In a few weeks we will roll out a product that will let you sync selected Exchange folders (including public and personal Exhchange calendars) to one or more Android devices – it’s called CodeTwo Exchange Folders. iPhone support will come in April.

  12. @John
    We’re planning to release a product that supports attachments in tasks and calendar events. It should be available around Q2 and Q3 of 2013. Please keep on checking on our blog.

    My workmate from the tech team will contact you.

  13. Any Luck on developing a product that gives you the capability of viewing attachments from outlook in Task, on an iphone or ipad?

  14. When I synced Outlook calendar and contacts with ICloud (one way from Oulook to Icloud) all contacts and calendar entries were duplicated and triplicated in Icloud… that I have cleaned that all up, if I want to sync in the future, will that happan again? Should it be a “two way sync”??
    Thank you

  15. Hi guys
    Meeting requests are now properly synchronized in version 1.3.2 that has just been released. We’ve also added support for Outlook 2013. To get the updated version of CodeTwo Sync for iCloud just head on over to:

    Thanks for all your feedback! If you have more questions, go ahead and post them here.

  16. Hi James
    Thanks for your comment. Our developers are planning to re-implement the meeting request sync feature tomorrow. We will do our best to test and release it before Xmas!

  17. Great Program, seems to sync appointments I create in Outlook well. However, I am having trouble syncing Meeting Requests that are created from an emil.

    I am NOT in an exchange environment, only simple IMAP. When I get a meeting request sent to me via email from an outside office with Outlook and click “Accept” this meeting will apear in the “My Calendars” Calendar attached to the Outlook Data File. However, CodeTwo Sync for iCloud doesnt appear to sync that appointment to my iCloud Calendar and so any accepted meeting requests do not show on my iPhone and iPad.

    Any thoughts on how I could fix this problem?
    Thanks for your help!

  18. Hi Attilio
    Thank you for your suggestion. I will add this option to feature requests for this product. As for now, you can create a separate calendar for your work stuff and private stuff. You can also experiment with one-way sync to see if it suits your needs.
    Many thanks!

  19. Dear there,
    I’ve just installed the trial version of “Sync for iCloud” and it worked without any problem.
    Unfortunately it miss a feature which is a killer for me.
    I’m using Outlook in the corporate environment and othe people can see my calendar. I’m using the Sync to share a calendar with my wife and my kids, but I do not want that my collegues see it, and that ma status is Busy when my wife has an appointment ;-)
    A feature which would be of great help to all people in similar situatio is an option to choose between private/not-private and free/busy status when synchronising.

    Many thanks, if you can build this feature I will immediately buy this great product.


  20. Hi Benno
    We are currently working on all our Outlook products to make them compatible with Outlook 2013. Paid products are first in the line.

  21. I just started using Office 2013 an we use CatMan. Is it correct, that this works not with Outlook 2013?

    best regards from switzerland

  22. @Paul
    The Outlook 2013 preview is a web-based solution and therefore it is not supported by our program.

    @Tim Hackett
    Yes, that’s exactly what CodeTwo Sync for iCloud is meant for. You need to sign up for the iCloud service first, then install the Control Panel for Windows and follow the installation guide for CodeTwo Sync for iCloud:

  23. Is there a way to use Outlook on the iPad, even though I do not have Exchange? Everything I have read is geared towards Exchange. I use Outlook on my PC with Time Warner/Road Runner as my Internet provider. I had to get a Gmail account because I could never get Outlook to work consistently on my Sprint Android phone. Now I use my iPad to read Gmail, but I hate having my mail and client data in two separate places. Even the new Mail+ app on iTunes is geared towards Exchange.

    Any help for this non-techie will be greatly appreciated.


  24. Hi there,

    Within Microsoft Outlook 2010, I organised my Calendar tree within Outloook into the following categories:

    MY CALENDAR: Calendar Outlook (PRIMARY) and Calendar-Outlook (not used).

    ICLOUD: Calendar from ICLOUD (PRIMARY) and Calendar-ICLoud (Not used).

    In my previous query, I usually add a diary entry in my IPHONE. When I use my IPAD, the diary content syncs onto my IPAD. However, I cannot synch my diary entry in my IPAD-IPHONE onto Microsoft Outlook.

    WIthin the Code Two Sync utility, should:

    THe ICLOUD Folder be the Calendar from ICLOUD?

    Please help me out.

    When I added a diary entry on my IPAD, my diary content syncs with my IPHONE. But, my Outlook diary is not updated at all.



    • Hi Paul,

      Do you have the iCloud Control Panel for Windows configured on the PC with Outlook? Are the iCloud folders visible in your Outlook folder tree?

  25. Hi there,

    I have a huge problem after downloading the Codetwo sync utility to allow for my IPAD-IPHONE calendar to sync with my Outlook calendar.

    Last night, I downloaded the utility; installed it and I encountered some teething issues. After I updated ICLOUD to version 2 and my Apple software on my IPHONE and IPAD to version 6, I have not been able to sync my Outlook calendar to my IPHONE-IPAD Calendar and vice versa.

    I am currently using Outlook 2010. After clicking onto the Calendar tab on the bottom left hand page, the MY CALENDAR tree in Outlook 2010 reads, Calendar Outlook; Calendar-ICLOUD; Calendar from Icloud and Calendar Outlook.

    What I am trying to achieve is my Calendar Outlook (Main calendar) to synch with my Calendar from ICLOUD and vice versa.

    Can you guide me through the process:

    Should the Outlook folder be my Primary Outlook Calendar and the ICLOUD folder be the Calendar from ICLOUD to allow for the mirror image of my calendars on my primary Outlook calendar and ICLOUD Calendar and vice versa?

    Can you please help me out.



  26. Szymon – that would be great. (Nice idea, Justin!)

    The staff in my company (admittedly, a small one) just bought iPhones – except for me, waiting for the 5. :) But this would, I’m sure, make immediate CodeTwo buyers of those who aren’t already.

    Like I said before, it’s undoubtedly Apple’s problem, but that doesn’t mean you guys won’t fix it faster and better :)

    Looking forward to the update.


  27. @Justin

    Whenever our program sees a major update, we send an email blast to its users with a download link. We also write about it here – on our blog. So just stay tuned and check your email :)

  28. Thanks Szymon, thats great. How will we know that the release is out? Does the software look for an update automatically? Looking forward to it!

  29. Hi Justin,

    Thanks. This is possible. We can add this feature to the program. I have consulted our dev team and it might be implemented in the future release. Thanks!

  30. Hi guys. firstly, this is a great add in – thanks so much! with regard to the double invitation issue mentioned above – is it not possible to build some sort of option into the sync add in that allows the sync across the two folders to happen with all info other than attendees/invites? The same way you give us an option to supress icloud reminders (so they don’t pop up twice, once for the outlook calendar, and once for the icloud calendar in outlook)? That way we would have the option to have our appointments synced to icloud, but without the invites, so icloud wouldn’t send out a whole lot of invites from our icloud account?

    Not sure if thats possible, but if so it would at least sort out some of the issues!


  31. @Tomasz

    Thanks…I had a feeling it was an Apple problem, but like some of their other problems, was hoping you guys had come up with a clever solution to it anyway. :)

    I had no idea it was so widespread. This makes iCloud calendar basically worthless for anyone who needs to use Outlook for work. I’ve added my voice to the thousands giving Apple “feedback” on this…

    Still nice work by CodeTwo on the sync stuff. Just Apple not playing nicely with others.

  32. @rob

    The problem appeared before we even created CodeTwo Sync for iCloud – multiple invites was an issue in iCloud itself and the way it integrates with Outlook. More about this topic you can find here:

  33. Hi, same problem as Rob (above). Attendees are getting multiple notifications and even when I respond to an invite, they’re getting multiple notes back.

  34. I have Code 2 and iCloud addin. when i invite attendees to a meeting, they are receiving 2 invites. likewise when i cancel they are receiving two notifications – any idea why i am duplicating??

  35. @mike

    I think CodeTwo Exchange Sync can solve your problem. If you have an Exchange account, you can sync an Exchange calendar with users’ Outlook calendars (if they have Exchange accounts). In this way you can have public calendars on iPhone/iPad/Android etc. synced up via active sync. I use this option myself. Please take a look at this:

  36. Just wanted to say thank you for solving such an annoying problem! Before I set up an Exchange account in my Outlook, my calendar synced fine with my iPhone. But after setting up the Exchange account, iPhone only wanted to sync with the Exchange calendar (and I don’t want my personal appointments in that calendar). Now I can sync with both – a lifesaver! Thanks SO MUCH

  37. We have two calendars in our Outlook, the normal Calendar, which already syncs automatically with IPads & IPhones using ActiveSync and a 2nd “Shared Calendar” which Outlook marks as . It is created and managed by an add-on for our mail program and is already setup as we want it allowing some people to write to it, others only read it. Inside Outlook, there are no problems.

    We need a 2-way sync to get the data in the shared calendar to sync with the regular outlook calendar on the systems of people who also use IPads and IPhones as well as Outlook. ActiveSync only syncs with regular Outlook Calendar, not to any shared calendars even if they are inside Outlook.

    I can manually copy the data from the public calendar into my regular Outlook Calendar and it in turn syncs perfectly with my IPhone, but doing this manually is not practical.

    I need a true two-way Sync to ensure that data entered into an IPhone which syncs to their Outlook private Calendar would then go to their Outlook Shared Calendar so others who can only READ in Outlook stay updated.

    The ones who want this are willing to “give up” any kind of “personal use” of the main Outlook Calendar knowing that their main Outlook Calendar would always be the same as their shared calendar.

    Can your software do this? Using Gmail Calendar to cross-sync is not an option.

  38. Hi David
    Thanks for your comment. So far CodeTwo Public Folders is not syncing up its items with iPhone, and the current version is not integrated with iCloud. The upcoming version will support that, but you will have to use Apple’s iCloud Control Panel in Outlook anyway.

  39. Our email and calendars run on Google Apps and we use Google Apps Sync for Outlook. We very glad to find your Public Folders App so we could establish shared project folders for email, and also set up a shared calendar and shared contacts for our small company.

    All of that works just great on our laptops. However the shared calendar doesn’t show up on my iPhone. We don’t have anything set up to use iCloud and don’t want to make a mess of things by trying to sync too many different ways. Is there a straightforward way to get the shared calendar to show up on iPhone and iPad?

  40. 2 x yes Ken! With CodeTwo Sync for iCloud and the iCloud Control Panel, you will sync a selected personal or CodeTwo Public Folders calendar with the doctor’s iPhone and iPad. It is also possible to sync many calendars with iPhone and iPad.

    Please let me know if you need more info.

  41. This is exciting!

    We are using Code 2 to share multiple outlook calendars throughout our medical office. Will the new iphone/icloud sync allow me to sync a specific doctor’s calendar with that doctor’s iphone or ipad? Or multiple calendars with my ipad?



  42. John
    I think this is iCloud’s issue as it has been reported by tons of users on Apple’s community forum. However, we will be seeing into this issue too. Maybe we’ll come up with a workaround.

  43. Great product that solves a big problem, but I am having an issue when I accept a meeting request. It subsequently triggers a new meeting back to the person who invited ME to the meeting?

  44. Hi
    This is Outlook’s limitation unfortunately. We will be working on fixing this issue soon. Thanks

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