Look out! Men at work! CodeTwo Exchange Rules 3.0 is underway

Currently all our efforts are focused on the new version of CodeTwo Exchange Rules 3.0 for Microsoft Exchange 2000/2003. CodeTwo Exchange Rules is an application which enables centralized and convenient management of signatures and disclaimers added to messages travelling through Exchange Server.

Our intention is to release the 3.0 version before the end of February. The Beta version will be made available for download earlier – it will contain the new capabilities.

What’s New in CodeTwo Exchange Rules 3.0?

Most importantly it will feature a functionality enabling the insertion of disclaimers and signatures to internal messages sent within one Exchange organization. So far the footers were added to outbound messages only i.e. sent outside the organization.

The old HTML editor will be replaced by a brand new one developed and implemented from scratch by our engineers. In previous version of CodeTwo Exchange Rules the editor was an outsourced component. It had revealed some major limitations which led to issues and this is why it needs a replacement. Our expectations concerning the new editor were high and unfortunately we were able to find a product that would suit our sophisticated requirements. Therefore we made a decision to come up with our own HTML editor.  Now we can enjoy full control over its capabilities, which can be tailored to customer expectations. Below is the result of our work:

CodeTwo Exchange Rules features an enhanced handling of messages with various international encodings. Also a significant improvement can be seen in the way the program checks whether a disclaimer is already present in the message. From now on a single disclaimer will be able to carry numerous language versions and will display correctly on the recipient?s screen.

You are welcome to download the new version of CodeTwo Exchange Rules 3.0 starting the beginning of February!

Go to the program website

Download CodeTwo Exchange Rules version 2.0

Download CodeTwo Exchange Rules for Exchange Server 2007

3 thoughts on “Look out! Men at work! CodeTwo Exchange Rules 3.0 is underway

  1. Hi guys,

    I am waiting anxiously your next version!! i will install it on our corporate server.
    The new version looks very well. Good work!


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