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My brother told me recently that he wants to share documents with his workers but the word ‘synchronization’ gives him the shivers. For the majority of people ‘synchronization’ or ‘sync’ smell like corporate, Japanese, big time, Blackberrian language only wise teenagers or IT geeks can understand. Take it easy! It’s simple, trust me. I will make your shivers go away, just continue reading.

Synchronization is common in nature and everyday life – marching soldiers, dancers, synchronized watches, oarsmen. So basically the same things happen in different places at the same time. If you synchronize your computers and their files, you have the same amount of data on different machines, at the same time. If you change anything on one computer, it is also changed on another one. Why do you need this? To enhance your teamwork (common calendars, inboxes, lists of tasks, common contacts and databases) – all is done automatically and in real time. You don’t have to tell your secretary and workers you are out of town on Friday – they already know it because your calendars and documents are in sync!

So… how to share files with others? If you want to share documents or any other files with your workers or family members, or with your other computers, you do not have to be an IT specialist. All you have to do is to let your computers communicate with each other so that they share all they have or all they know.

Most Windows users have Microsoft Office Suite with Word, Excel and Outlook. If you also have Outlook, you’re almost home. Install CodeTwo Public Folders and turn your Outlook into a smart sharing machine. You will be able to share documents and other Microsoft Outlook files, i.e. calendars, tasks, email and files of any kind.

Take a brief look at what CodeTwo Public Folders can do:

When you install the program, a new tree of folders will appear in the navigation pane in Outlook. Anything you create there, will be visible on other computers with CodeTwo Public Folders in the same place. All changes made in those files are reflected in real time – there is no delay. What is more, you can also share your personal folders – it’s also very easy.

By default, the program shares files in local network which keeps your data safe as it never travels via the Internet cloud and cannot be lost or intercepted by hackers. This is how CodeTwo Public Folders is different from Google solutions (learn more) However, if you want to share files over the internet, it’s also possible.

It’s that simple! If you still have doubts, take a look at 5 stars from CNET and

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  1. Re: joh o’neill
    Yes, indeed! You can download it from here:
    for both 32-bit and 64-bit system version!

  2. What I like the most about your program is that it is so user-friendly. Requires almost no configuration. Great job CodeTwo!

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