CodeTwo Sync for iCloud updated to v. 1.2

Greetings! It’s been a few weeks since the release of the first version of CodeTwo Sync for iCloud – a program designed for synchronizing iCloud and Outlook. We’ve reported thousands of downloads so far and have received lots of emails from users like you. You have our sincere thanks!

Based on your remarks and comments, we updated the program. The latest release (v. 1.2) has a new feature that automatically hides calendar reminders for iCloud folders. We’ve also blocked an option that enabled a user to use the same folder in different synchronization pairs. Take a look at the list of other bug fixes:

  • Improved edition of synced items.
  • Fixed issue with deleted attachments reappearing in Outlook.
  • The “Sync with iCloud…” option in the context menu is no longer available for folders that cannot be synced with iCloud.
  • Fixed identification of deleted sync folders.

Updating is naturally free of charge. Just download the program from here, launch the installer and follow the wizard. There is no need to uninstall the previous version. All your settings and sync associations will not be changed.

Should you have any questions feel free to post them in the comments or contact Support directly. We’re here to help all the time.

Download CodeTwo Sync for iCloud here.

Oh and take a look at this great video that we made some time ago ;)

51 thoughts on “CodeTwo Sync for iCloud updated to v. 1.2

  1. can i use the icloud sync tool to accomplish what i need to do? Sync two different exchange calendars in the same profile out to icloud and back?

  2. auto repair the pst does not work.. have tried multiple times and recreated profiles, tried offline, cached mode, etc., etc. I have two different exchange account in outlook 2013 and i use the tool to sync the two calendars. It works VERY well, but it does cause the duplicate attendees on the scheduling assistant, grows the size of the calendar item and causes all kinds of issues after that. So, it seems to be similar to what the other users were experiencing with the icloud sync tool, but this is for the outlook folder sync tool. Again, works well other than this one issue. No PST corruption at play. Is this something your team can correct? I would be open to sharing my screen or whatever is needed if it would help.

    • Dominic – Thank you, I’ve reported the issue to our dev team. They will take a look at it in the next production cycle. Unfortunately, I’m unable to say when this will be.

  3. I am using the first item, the foldersync addin for outlook and have the exact problem that the other’s were experiencing with the duplicate attendees… however, it is so bad that it causes the size of the calendar item to grow to over 20MB and will not sync.

  4. I have the same issue with endless duplicate names on the attendee list each time i click on sync for the code two folder sync tool. Is there any fix??

  5. Hi Pawel,

    Great news! Only one issue, I cannot try before buying as the trial period is over since I had previously tried version 1.2. Is there a workaround?


  6. Hi Pawel,

    Any news on the issue?

    Still hoping but please let us know if you are still looking to try and fix the issue or if the product is EOL.

    Best regards,

    • Hi Louis,

      Sorry for the lack of feedback.

      This week we will be announcing a new version with the meeting duplication issue fixed. Please stay tuned.

      All the best,

  7. I have Outlook 2013 and want to sync calendar meetings to iCloud Calendar. I have tried different things suggested but neither helps and result is the same: I keep getting duplicates that just keep growing during the day. How come it cannot be fixed and why this product/version was distributed at all? Has it ever been tested? Does it work at least for somebody?

  8. I have tried it again. Same result (I have switched off Excgange Caching in *ost). Next Problem: it does not stop sync after disabling at the sync destination folder (by rigth mouse click), you have to close outlook to stop the sync.

    So it is complete useless!


  9. Same issue like Sara, Louis and Kerry! I am verry unhappy with this! Now I have more than 2000 calender entries 4 to 5-times duplicated it needs hours to delete them.

    Setup is: Using outlook 2010 with an exchange-server

    Please fix asap!


  10. Pawel, Many thanks. I have done as you suggested and I look forward to a positive outcome with the software. Thanks again for your help. Regards Phil

  11. Pawel,

    Many thanks for this speedy response. I have now confirmed that I have version 1.3.2 and I have now tried with the Hide reminder for iCloud folders ticked and unticked and in both cases the results are just the same – that is the reminder feature, whether made in the default or the iCloud calendar, doesn’t get replicated to the other calendar. Any more ideas?


    • Hi Phil,

      As a last resort, please submit a ‘fix or refund’ request via our product return form: In the request please specify that above all you would like to have the issue fixed and are not interested in returning the product (this will not affect any potential refund procedure in case the issue cannot be fixed).

      All the best,

  12. Pawel,

    I apologize for the very slow response. I have been living with the problem and hadn’t checked to see if there had been any response to my query. I was delighted to see a response – thank you for this. However I have now tried repairing the Outlook default file as you described. Initially it found 29 errors and I tried repairing it four times until it said the only errors found were inconsequential and it didn’t offer the opportunity to repair these again. However on reopening Outlook and trying making appointments with reminders the situation remains the same. If I make an appointment with a reminder in either the default calendar or the iCloud calendar the reminder shows up in the calendar I have made the original appointment in but the synced version that appears via Cloudtwo doesn’t show the reminder. I have tried different reminder times – no impact. You ask me to change the ‘Hide reminders for iCloud folders’ setting – I don’t know where or how I can do this. Please provide more instructions? In terms of more details I am using Windows 8.1 on a 64 bit operating system and I using Outlook 2013 via Microsoft Office 365 version 15.0.4701.1002. What more do you want me to do or try or what other suggestions can you make? I promise I will check for a response much faster than last time! Thanks again Phil

    • Hi Philip,

      The ‘Hide reminders for iCloud folders’ checkbox is located at the bottom of the CodeTwo Sync for iCloud Settings window (see below image). Set it to the opposite of what you have now and check if the problem persists.

      If you don’t see the checkbox, it could be because you are using an old version of the program. To remedy this, download and install the latest version (1.3.2):

      Best regards,

  13. Hi

    I have the same issue as Louis and Kerry Williams, any news on when a fix will be available it is causing me major issues to the point that I have had to stop syncing my Calendar.


  14. I am mostly very happy with the Codetwo sync with iCloud but I really do want appointments with reminders to be synced between my default calendar on my PC (Outlook 2013) and my iCloud calendar on my PC and my iPhone and iPad. When is this likely to be possible? Is there any setting I can change to make this work?

    • Hi Louis,

      Not yet, I’m sorry. We are still researching it. When we have something concrete, I will let you know via email.

      All the best,

  15. Hi Pawel,

    Glad to here you are looking into the issue!

    My iCloud Control Panel version is 4.0.2 (latest).

    Best regards,

  16. I have the same problem as Kerry Williams, so it definitely is a bug. I contacted support and was told there is no support for this product.

    The problem probably comes from Outlook that automatically adds a “Copy: ” prefix to meetings subjects when meeting are copied or moved to another folder. This is so that we know it is not the original meeting request and any modification to the meeting will not send a reply to the originator. This “feature” cannot be disabled.

    Since the copied meetings subject is different from the source the app thinks the meeting was not copied and creates a duplicate, a never ending story.

    I hope this will be considered as a bug and be fixed in a near future release. I also cannot use the product as is, half of my calendar events are meetings.

    Thank you for taking this into consideration.

    • Hi Louis,

      We’re looking into the issue. What is your iCloud Control Panel version, by the way?

      Best regards,

  17. Purchased this last week in the hope that it would solve the problem of getting my Outlook calendar on to my iPhone. I set it up for bi-directional sync for contacts, calendar and tasks. Contacts and tasks sync without a problem along with most calendar entries that have been created by me, however any meeting request or calendar entry that has an attendee list or was created by somebody else (i.e. invite sent to me) goes into an endless loop of duplication. This makes it impossible to use in an office environment. I have had to disable the calendar sync, which is really the only reason I purchased.

    Very unhappy. Also CodeTwo state that there is no support for this product.

    If you work in an office environment where you are getting meeting invites from others, or inviting others to your meetings, DO NOT BUY CodeTwo Sync for iCloud.

  18. Unfortunately, I have no specific date of the release for you. However I have the information that thorough testing of the new version starts next week.

  19. I understand, that you are not able to fix any installation problem of any user. But obvious bugs (that could not be solved by your troubleshooting guide) should not be ignored.

    Do you have any idea when the bugfixed version is going to be published? I realize, that you promised the update already in june.

    Code2Sync for iCloud is quite an expensive product for not working correctly…

  20. Hi Frank,
    As Szymon already pointed out, due to the program’s popularity its support is now limited.
    We are now working to modify the program’s code, so it does not require Apple Outlook Addin for operation. We have already recognized it as the cause of many syncing problems.

  21. I the missing reminders are a bug in code2sync for icloud. But unfortunately support is not willing to even have a look into this. They insist on pointing to their troubleshooting guide, which does not help. Quite an expensive product, but no support at all. I am disappointed.

  22. I have the same problem that reminders are synced only from Outlook to iCloud but not the other way round. Hopefully this gets fixed soon. Missing reminders are no fun. I already missed an Appointment because of that.

  23. Hi all!
    We are currently testing a new version of the program that connects directly to iCloud without using the iCloud Control Panel. This is going to remove most of the problems with communication between the Apple “PST” and the Outlook data file.
    To stay tuned contact our support team to ask for a subscription to the CodeTwo newsletter.

  24. 1. Sychronization of reminders hardly works:
    – Cloud to Outlook doesn’t work at all, no reminder is transfered
    – New outlook appointment with reminder is synced OK to iCloud
    – New outlook appointment without reminder is synced well but reminder set in outlook afterwards doesn’t set the reminder ON in iCloud.

  25. Great product – fixes a long standing problem of being unable to get iPhone and Outlook calendars in sync. Thanks!

    I have noticed one small problem that I cannot solve: If I create a calendar entry on my iPhone with a reminder (e.g., 15 minutes before event), when iCloud sends that to my PC and it is synced to my Outlook calendar by “CodeTwo Sync for iCloud”, the reminder does not appear in Outlook (the reverse however does work: creating the appointment and reminder in Outlook does cause the reminder to appear on my iPhone).

    Am I doing something wrong? If this an option somewhere? Thanks.

  26. I am having a problem with having multiple copies of calendar entries being sent to my Mac calendar. I have tried changing it to a one-way sync, and I got fewer duplicates but I still got them. So now I have turned it completely off. Any idea what might be causing the multiple copies being posted to my calendar?

  27. Tried with Vista and Outlook 2007; it works well; what about Window 8 and Outlook 2013?
    An issue I ran into (Vista, Outlook 2007) is following: When opening Outlook the calendars of both Windows and iCloud openend. When I uncheck the boxes of iCloud they will open again after closing and opening Outlook next time. How to solve this?

  28. I recently installed this software and have been working through it. So far it looks good, and appears to do exactly what I need. I noticed an issue this morning however. I had a meeting at 8:00, but the organizer of the meeting had changed the time to a different day. The altered invite came through with an updated time and so I had that event on both calendars, but the old invite was not automatically removed from my calendars. I therefore had two invites for the same meeting on different days, and had to go to my computer to ascertain which one was which. Is there something I can change to make sure that changes to meetings are reflected as they used to be? In my business, initiations change regularly and so it is critical that I have confidence that what is in my calendar is up to date and that the meeting is still on.

  29. Hi Lem,
    Thanks for your comment. This product has become extremly popular over the recent months and we were unable to investigate all of the cases its users reported – that’s why we blocked tech support. You can still contact us and ask for assistance. We will be happy to help you if this is a known issue but we cannot guarantee we will respond in a timely manner. We are considering introducing additional paid support for this product, but there is no ETA so far.

  30. Szymon,

    You say “Should you have any questions feel free to post them in the comments or contact Support directly.”

    But the Sync for iCloud page says, in bold print, “We do not offer technical support for this product.”

    We do not understand no support even though we purchase Full Version of the product.

  31. Hi folks
    The meeting request are back now. We’ve also added Outlook 2013 support. You can get the latest version here:

  32. Yes, we want to implement meeting requests back ASAP. Stay tuned to

  33. Unfortunately meeting requests can’t be synchronized. 75% of my calendar are meeting requests, so for now this program is not working for me. I keep checking the site for update, so I hope in the future you implemented this.

  34. Hi Lars. Unfortunately the meeting requests can’t be synchronized at the moment. However, we are considering implementing this feature in the future. Please keep checking for new updates on our blog :)

  35. CodeTwo Sync for iCloud is the tool i’m looking for.
    it works great with one exception.
    invitations form other people, which i accepted, will not be synchronized. :-(

    is there a way to synchronize this events as well?

  36. Hi Noel
    Please contact Tech Support for help: They will be happy to assist.

  37. Have installed code 2 sync for i cloud and has solved problem I had with calendar entries syncing to i cloud – and sync works OK to the cloud and on to my devices – however syncing from the cloud to outlook only occurs if I use the “refresh” icloud button on the outlook task bar – ie does not sync automaticlly from cloud to outlook – any suggestions ??

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