CodeTwo Public Folders Hits The Seas!

It turns out that CodeTwo Public Folders is able to enhance productivity in even more extreme conditions than we initially thought. Imagine that our program, designed for sharing Outlook folders in the network of multiple users, has been recently installed on a huge motor tanker named Torinia and is now cruising around the world with her tough crew. Torinia is one of the first ships equipped with CodeTwo Public Folders, but it will surely not be the last one! Next 70 are waiting in line. I wonder if their captain still uses speakers to give commends to the crew on deck? Eventually, he can now use Outlook to subscribe tasks to them! Now we have to think of CodeTwo Auto-Anchor Dropper which would sync casting anchors from a bow and stern :)

M.T. Torinia

The example of  M.T. Torinia shows clearly how flexible and reliable CodeTwo Public Folders is. Exchange Server is just too much for even such an enormous tanker as Torinia, whereas sharing Outlook data in the Cloud would not be enough efficient and just doesn’t make any sense when you are on the sea! If you’re also looking for a safe and reliable solution to share Outlook in the network, simply download and test the trial of CodeTwo Public Folders for free. If the program is lunched into Space in a rocket, we’ll let you know right away…

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9 thoughts on “CodeTwo Public Folders Hits The Seas!

  1. yep I remember that too. It was just one second with a lights and you could hear the engine stops. The masts were 50m high on our yacht. I’ll bring a picture if I find it with both of us on top. it was scarry…

  2. It’s always the wrong direction:) I’m still happy we didn’t have to row that big yacht all the way through do Denmark!:)

    I remember a cool situation from this trip… One night, at my watch, we noticed that a small Danish cutter was heading a collision course with us. Our first officer tried to warn the captain of this ship through the radio but he didn’t reply. (The sea law says that sailing yachts have always the right of priority in such cases) They changed the course immediately when we lighted our big masts with the spotlights – we scared them of ;) I think it wouldn’t work with Torinia anyway… :]

  3. Oh, guys! I didn’t know you are sailors!

    “We had to use engines all the way to Copenhagen, because it was almost windless!”
    Really? Maybe wind blown in the wrong direction? :)

  4. Yeah I remember it very well. We had to use engines all the way to Copenhagen, because it was almost windless! But on the way back the wind was much stronger and we took some great pictures from the mast – I think it was 39 meters tall – pretty scary.. :)

  5. I have been a part of the crew on S.Y. Fryderyk Chopin ( twice. Once even with Gniewko (the author of this article). It’s not as big as M.T. Torinia but the way it ‘lives’ on the sea is the same. There is always a captain and three officers in command who take turns during watches. It is a great idea to have a shared logbook for each of these commandors. You do not have to keep it in one place but you can share a public folder with a logbook and each officer can view and modify it on their own computer. You can also sync it with a machine on the ground using these instructions ( so it’s totally safe even if your ship sinks.

  6. The great advantage of CodeTwo Public Folders is that it doesn’t require Internet connection to synchronize Outlook data in the local network. (Actually, it is a little weird to share Outlook in local network using Internet server.) Thanks to that feature CodeTwo Public Folders could be installed on Torinia and other 70+ tankers and thanks to that it’s a great solution for another companies that have many offices where employees need to share data in small and middle sized workgroups.

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