CodeTwo migration tools update – hosted Exchange server migration, automatic delta migrations and other improvements

New versions of CodeTwo Office 365 Migration and CodeTwo Exchange Migration are now available. They add important new capabilities:

  • support for hosted Exchange migration to Microsoft 365 & Office 365 or on-premises Exchange server via Exchange Web Services (EWS),
  • automatic scheduling of delta migrations,

and more. We’ve also introduced a number of fixes that improve the UX and overall performance of our migration software.

CodeTwo migration tools update – hosted Exchange server migration, automatic delta migrations and other improvements

Migrate hosted Exchange mailboxes to Office 365 or on-premises Exchange server

It is now possible to configure an EWS connection to a source Exchange server even if you cannot install CodeTwo migration software in the source server domain. This lets you, for example, migrate mailboxes from a third-party hosted Exchange service (such as GoDaddy or Rackspace) to the Microsoft 365 cloud (Exchange Online) or to an on-premises Exchange organization. The only requirements are that:

  • The admin account used by the program to connect to your source Exchange server needs to be assigned the ApplicationImpersonation role for all source mailboxes you want to migrate.
  • You need to prepare a CSV file that contains a list of already matched source and target mailboxes. The file must include at least email addresses and IDs (GUIDs) of source and target mailboxes.

When configuring such a migration, you need to indicate where CodeTwo software is installed (in this case – outside the source Exchange server domain, as shown below). The migration will be performed using the imported CSV file.

CodeTwo migration tools - hosted Exchange migration

Refer to the user’s manual for details on how to configure our software and your environment:

Schedule automatic delta migrations

The built-in scheduler lets you define the exact time frames (hours, days, and weeks) when your migration job should be active, so you can automate the entire process.

A new option has been added to the scheduler: Run scheduled delta migrations. With this setting, the scheduler performs automatic delta migrations (previously named Rescan in the software) instead of running a full migration once. It works like this: your migration job runs only during the specified time frames and with each start of the job, the program scans the source server for new items and automatically migrates them. The already migrated items are skipped during each subsequent run of the job.

CodeTwo migration tools - scheduling delta migrations

See the user’s manual to learn more about:

Other features and improvements

We’ve also added some tweaks and performance improvements. See a complete list of changes here:

How to update

The update is free of charge for all licensed users. To update the program:

  1. Close the Administration Panel of your CodeTwo migration program.
  2. Download the new version of the software:
  3. Launch the downloaded installer and install the program on top of the existing installation.
  4. If you have more instances of the program in your environment, perform the update on each machine where the program is installed.

The program will launch automatically once the update process is complete. All of your settings and jobs will be retained, but you need to restart the jobs manually (this doesn’t apply to jobs that are scheduled).

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