CodeTwo Exchange Rules adds Office 365 hybrid compatibility

CodeTwo Exchange Rules adds Office 365 hybrid compatibilityOur email signature management tools for Microsoft Exchange, the family of CodeTwo Exchange Rules and CodeTwo Exchange Rules Pro products, have just been equipped with a feature that admins of hybrid environments (Office 365 with Exchange on-premises) will find very helpful.

Starting with the latest release, CodeTwo Exchange Rules programs can be easily deployed in hybrids environments with the centralized mail transport option enabled. In this configuration, CodeTwo Exchange Rules can automatically process any mail traveling through your on-premises Exchange. Thanks to a new setting in the CodeTwo Exchange Rules’ Sent Items Update service, all of those emails can also be updated in users’ Sent Items folders to feature the added email signatures.

To get details on changes and fixes included in this and previous releases go to the version history of CodeTwo Exchange Rules Pro, 2013, 2010 and 2007.

To update your deployment of CodeTwo Exchange Rules to the latest version, download the installer for you program using one of the below links, and run it on top of all CodeTwo Exchange Rules installations in your organization.

You are eligible for a free update to this version of CodeTwo Exchange Rules, if the first digit of the version you are licensed for matches the first digit of the respective version linked below.

CodeTwo Exchange Rules Pro ver. 2.4.0
CodeTwo Exchange Rules 2013 ver. 2.4.0
CodeTwo Exchange Rules 2010 ver. 3.4.0
CodeTwo Exchange Rules 2007 ver. 4.4.0

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