Active Directory Photo Manager is Out and it’s Free

Yesterday we released our next freeware for Exchange Server users. It’s called CodeTwo Active Directory Photos and, as the name suggests, it allows you to manage photographs in Active Directory. What makes it so great is that you can upload and manage even thousands of Active Directory users’ pictures very quickly and easily. Uploaded pictures can later be displayed in Outlook 2010 internal emails, in GALs or contact cards. You can also add them to server-sided email signatures appended to internal or outbound correspondence. And it’s really free. Learn more about CodeTwo Active Directory Photos.

We created this program because many of you have sent us tech support questions concerning employees’ pictures in email signatures. Since it is possible to add images to Active Directory (one image per user), it is also possible to automatically insert them to Exchange email signatures when messages fly through Exchange. If you combine CodeTwo Active Directory Photos and CodeTwo Exchange Rules Pro, you will be able to do that by adding just one placeholder to your template – a {Photo} placeholder. Learn more about adding Active Directory pictures to server-sided email signatures.

We’re happy to share CodeTwo Active Directory Photos with you – it’s absolutely free and there are no time limitations. To install the program, download it from this link and install it either on a server machine equipped with Exchange Server or on a client PC with Admin’s rights.

Frequently Asked Questions
User’s Manual
CodeTwo Active Directory Photos – official site

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