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CodeTwo Sync for iCloud

Frequently Asked Questions - CodeTwo Sync for iCloud

Take a look at the list of Frequently Asked Questions for CodeTwo Sync for iCloud.

  1. Why do I need this program for my Outlook?

    It will let you sync your Outlook folders with iCloud folders and propagate them to your iPad, iPhone and other Apple® devices.

  2. Do I need to prepare my computer to install CodeTwo Sync for iCloud?

    Yes, you need to install and configure iCloud Control Panel for Windows before installing CodeTwo Sync for iCloud.

  3. How to set up iCloud Control Panel for Windows?
  4. Can CodeTwo Sync for iCloud synchronize data from multiple Outlook profiles?

    In the current version, the program is capable of synchronizing data from the default Outlook profile as iCloud Control Panel for Windows integrates with this profile only.

  5. The program won't synchronize email. Why?

    In the current version email folders cannot be synced between Outlook and iCloud folders. However, you do not need to sync your email between Outlook and iPhone or iPad using iCloud as this is done automatically via IMAP or Exchange email protocols.

  6. Can the program synchronize data in Exchange mailbox folders?

    Yes, it is possible to synchronize data in the folders of an Exchange mailbox. However, the program will not support Exchange public folders. If you want to synchronize Outlook with Exchange public folders, try CodeTwo Exchange Sync.

  7. I am experiencing issues with the application. How can I fix them?

    If you are experiencing any problems with the program, follow the steps below to make sure you have configured everything correctly.

    • Make sure that you meet all system requirements displayed on this website.
    • Make sure that iCloud Control Panel for Windows is installed on your computer and that it is up and running with your iCloud credentials.
    • Check if you are using a default Outlook profile. Sync for iCloud works only with a default Outlook profile - this limitation is caused by Apple's iCloud Control Panel.
    • In many cases Outlook PST file (Outlook's database file) might be corrupted. Despite the corruption, Outlook might work fine if stand-alone, but when any add-in is installed, the corrupted PST file may cause issues. You can easily fix this problem with a special Microsoft tool, here is a short instruction on how to do this.
    • Sync for iCloud versions prior to 1.3.2 were not Outlook 2013 compatible and were not able to sync meetings (appointments with multiple attendees). Make sure you're using the latest version of the program.
    • If the issues persist despite the correct configuration, you should try signing out of iCloud and then signing in again. If it still does not work, reinstalling the CodeTwo software and iCloud should solve the problem.
  8. CodeTwo Sync for iCloud won't work after a system update. What should I do?

    Sometimes, after updating Windows, CodeTwo Sync for iCloud stops syncing data. In most cases, the problem can be solved by simply logging out of iCloud and then logging in again.

    If you still experience issues, you should try reinstalling CodeTwo application and iCloud.

  9. Do you provide technical support for this product?

    No. There is no tech support for CodeTwo Sync for iCloud. If none of the answers above solve your problem, please refer to this Knowledge Base article.