CodeTwo Out of Office Manager

Centrally manage users' automatic replies on Exchange or Office 365

CodeTwo Out of Office Manager

Microsoft Exchange, Office 365 and Outlook have no option that allows for the central management of Out of Office replies. So, composing and activating such replies for selected users or a group of people is not possible natively.

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Please note! This is NOT a mobile app so please do not install it on your mobile device. Download the program and install it on your PC.

Fortunately, CodeTwo Out of Office Manager will let you set up and manage out of office messages for multiple users in your Office 365 or Exchange organization in a breeze – and from a single location. This free desktop app will also display all auto-reply items in one calendar view for quick and easy editing by non-technical team members, thereby relieving administrators of actions not requiring their immediate attention.

The most important features and benefits:

  • Central management of Out of Office replies

    Finally you can create, view, edit or delete any Out of Office messages and statuses in your company including those created by users. Rest assured that all your customers, employees and managers will now be instantly informed when they send an email to people who are out of office due to training, vacation, sickness or business trips.

  • Set up Out of Office reply for another user

    The program lets you define internal and external Out of Office message templates for selected users or entire departments. With just a few clicks, you can activate an auto-reply and submit it to a number of Exchange or Office 365 user mailboxes.

  • For HR managers, receptionists, assistants or team leaders

    Take control over server-side email auto-replies without bothering the server administrator. The program can even be installed on a workstation in your domain environment (for Exchange on-premises) or on any PC that has access to the Internet (for Office 365).

  • Plan ahead for months

    Not only can you set up Out of Office messages for internal and inbound correspondence and display them in one calendar, but you can also plan multiple automatic replies for selected users for the upcoming days or months. You can also centrally manage out of office messages for recurring events. The program also keeps a history of absences letting (for example) HR people track who was off and when.

  • Reset Out of Office count

    Microsoft Exchange and Office 365 send only 1 automatic reply per sender while the Out of Office assistant is enabled. This may cause confusion among your organization's external contacts, especially in cases of your users' longer absences. With CodeTwo Out of Office Manager you can override this Exchange/Office 365 limitation and send multiple automatic replies to individual external senders.

  • Recurring Out of Office replies

    If your users happen to be absent from the office on the same days or hours during the day or week, you can set recurring Out of Office replies for them. The built-in Recurrence editor will let you easily manage recurrence patterns for auto-replies in Office 365 and Exchange Server.

  • Auto replies for shared mailboxes

    Setting an auto reply for a shared mailbox requires some workarounds. The software lets you create automatic responses for shared mailboxes in a quick and easy way. You can notify your customers that someone will get in touch with them as soon as possible, or give them your alternative contact details.

  • Well-organized calendar view

    The main window of the program is equipped with a calendar that displays all Out of Office items (including all user-defined items in Outlook, OWA or Office 365 mail clients), which allows you to quickly preview auto-reply statuses and make some changes if necessary. Smart filters will let you easily view and modify auto-responders for selected departments and more.

  • One template for multiple users

    There is no need to compose Exchange or Office 365 personal automatic replies for each and every employee. You can create and save email templates for thousands of users. Active Directory attributes ensure that each automatic message will be personalized. To top it all off, the program can even automatically stamp return dates to emails.

  • HTML simple to use editor

    Use a built-in, easy-to-use editor to quickly compose or edit email templates. The editor will also let you add dynamic placeholders that will be updated with user’s Active Directory data once auto-replies are triggered by incoming messages.

  • Intuitive user's interface

    We worked hard to create a user experience that embodies ease of use and instant access to all settings and Out of Office items. Everything can be accessed and modified from one place, and you can easily browse through all your users or quickly find selected ones thanks to filters. No scripting or Exchange knowledge is required.

  • Quick installation, easy to use

    Select one machine - a server or a workstation - and simply let the wizard install the program. After the installation, a quick tour will guide you through the first steps, and you will be prompted to add your Exchange or Office 365 credentials. From then on, you will be in control of all Out of Office messages in your company.

  • Support for hosted and on-premises Exchange

    The program supports Microsoft Exchange 2016, 2013, 2010 and all Office 365 plans.