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Restoring data stored in CodeTwo Public Folders

This article is meant for users of CodeTwo Public Folders. This software has been discontinued. You can check the list of currently available CodeTwo products here.


What to do when CodeTwo Public Folders shared data is lost?


Read first: Creating a backup copy of data in CodeTwo Public Folders

The following steps to restore backed up data have to be carried out on the computer hosting the Syncing Master (server module).

  1. Stop C2PublicFolders service, choose Start, Control Panel, Administrative Tools, Services, then right-click C2PublicFolders and select Stop from the menu.
  2. In the next step move or copy the backup copy to the Syncing Master’s folder. Normally, the path is

    C:\Program Files\CodeTwo\CodeTwo PublicFolders Server\DATA

    although during installation you can specify a different destination folder. To restore data, simply copy DATA folder with all its content to the specified folder.

  3. To activate C2PublicFolders system service, choose Start, Control Panel, Administrative Tools, Services then right-click C2PublicFolders and select Start from the menu.

DATA folder has the structure resembling the list of folders in C2PublicFolders. Individual data items of all type are saved as MSG files. More about restoring individual data items…

Data shared by users are saved to DataUsers folder. It is not necessary to back up data from this folder, as this data is stored on individual users’ computers.

Please note! In CodeTwo Public Folders 4.5, all items created by users after creating the backup copy, and before restoring them, will be added to the new data base. In other words, new (restored) data base will contain the folder structure that is exactly the same as in the backup copy. What is more, it will additionally contain each item created in this period in one of the existing folders. However, the newly created folders / subfolders will not be saved. If you need to remove these additional items from the restored data base, you need to remove them manually in Outlook equipped with Outlook Add-in of CodeTwo Public Folders. Please bear in mind that this scenario concerns only the version 4.5; in the previous versions of CodeTwo Public Folders (4.1 and lower) the restored data base is always the same as the backup copy.

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