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Error: MAPI logon failed (MAPI_E_LOGON_FAILED) (0x80040111)


You are able to migrate particular number of mailboxes (for example 20) with CodeTwo Exchange Migration or CodeTwo Office 365 Migration but after reaching that number further mailboxes are not migrated and the following error code can be found in the mailbox log files:

MAPI logon failed (MAPI_E_LOGON_FAILED) (0x80040111)


You have reached the maximum NSPI connections number.

  • Create a new mailbox enabled domain admin account, log on with it, run the software and reconfigure source server connection to use the new account. As the NSPI connections limit is applied to a user, simply starting the software with another account will help if there is any other NSPI connections using software being ran by the original user.
  • The MAPI libraries installed on your machine might be either corrupted or outdated. Please uninstall the Messaging API and Collaboration Data Objects from the Control Panel, reboot the machine and install the latest version.
  • If the above does not help, the other option would be installing the software on another machine. This will help if there are any other NSPI connections using software installed on this computer in "per machine" mode (i.e. for all users) and it auto-starts for all users.

    Please contact CodeTwo Support before moving the installation to another machine to get the advice on avoiding duplicates and to sort out licensing conflict.

  • Please also see this MS KB949469 for detailed description of the problem and the last resort solution which is increasing the NSPI connections limit via Windows registry.

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