How to automatically move mail to a specified folder


You want to move emails from a default folder to a specified (e.g. public) folder.


The configuration procedure is described below. For the purpose of this instruction, let us assume that our folder structure in Outlook resembles that in Fig. 1.

Fig. 1. The Public Folders structure.

  1. Go to the default Sent Items folder and in the Outlook menu select Tools, Rules and Alerts.
  2. Click the New rule button.
  3. Locate the Start from a blank rule section, then select the Apply rule on messages I send option and click Next.

    Fig. 2. The Rules Wizard.

  4. Check the through the specified account option and click the specified link (underlined) in the bottom field.
  5. A dialog box including a list of all defined accounts will display. Select the account for this rule (Fig. 3.).

    Fig. 3. Selecting an email account for a rule.

  6. Choose the move a copy to the specified folder option and in the bottom window click the specified link (underlined). In the folder browser indicate the public folder to which the messages will be moved. In this example, the Common Sent Items folder is selected (Fig. 4.). Click OK.

    Fig. 4. Choosing the public folder where the messages will be redirected.

  7. Click the Next button to go to the dialog window of exceptions. Here you may define the exceptions to which the rule will not be applied.
  8. Click the Next button. The Summary dialog box will display in which you can also enter the name of the rule.
  9. In order to save the entered rule, click the Finish button and then click OK.

This rule can be very useful for companies in which mail sent from multiple machines needs to be accessible in a single public folder. The messages may easily be tracked according to whether they were replied to or not, and by whom. In order to use this feature, and to keep sent mail in public folders, your company needs to be a user of CodeTwo Public Folders.