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How to add new Active Directory fields to CodeTwo Exchange Rules built-in HTML editor

This article is obsolete and may relate only to older versions of our software.


Add to the CodeTwo Exchange Rules Editor custom placeholders related to additional attributes in Active Directory.


By default, CodeTwo Exchange Rules is able to recognize a limited number of placeholders (corresponding to Active Directory fields) in the footer. However, the list of these placeholders can be manually extended by creating SchemaExtension.txt file in the main installation folder of CodeTwo Exchange Rules. SchemaExtension.txt should contain names of additional placeholders that are also the names of LDAP attributes of Active Directory objects corresponding to a mail sender.

Each line in SchemaExtension.txt should comprise a name of an attribute and its type. There are following types available:string, int, datetime corresponding to three basic data formats used in Active Directory, namely: text value, total number value, and date and time. For example adding a division field requires typing this:


In CodeTwo Exchange Rules 2007 2.x and CodeTwo Exchange Rules 2010, SchemaExtension.txt is created automatically during the installation of the program (fig. 1.). In other versions of CodeTwo Exchange Rules, an administrator has to manually create this file. A sample SchemaExtension file with a division field can be downloaded from here.

Fig. 1. SchemaExtension.txt

Please keep in mind that only after rebooting your server additional placeholders will become available in CodeTwo Exchange Rules HTML editor.

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