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How to collect data required to diagnose problems with the Autodiscover service


The Autodiscover service cannot find your Exchange server. You were requested by the CodeTwo Support Team to deliver data that can help diagnose and solve the issue.


To collect diagnostic data for the Autodiscover service, follow the steps below:

  1. Download EWS Editor (choose the file) and launch it via the EWSEditor.exe file.
  2. Go to Tools > Discovery and click Autodiscover Viewer (Fig. 1.).

    Fig. 1. Opening Autodiscover Viewer.

  3. Maximize the window that opens.
  4. Provide the credentials and the primary SMTP address of the service (admin) account used in CodeTwo software (Fig. 2.).

    Fig. 2. Providing the credentials of the service account used in CodeTwo software.


    If the service account is the same as the user currently logged in to the machine, you can select the Default Windows Credentials checkbox and click both Default buttons (Fig. 3.).

    Fig. 3. Using the default Windows credentials.

  5. Select the appropriate version of Exchange Server from the EWS Schema drop-down menu, and click Run (Fig. 4.).

    Fig. 4. Running the Autodiscover diagnostics scan.

  6. In the Data section of the window, resize the Value column so that the entire value of MailboxDN is visible (Fig. 5.).

    Fig. 5. Resizing the Value column so that it fits the screen.

  7. Take screenshots of all the results listed in the Data section.


    The number of screenshots you need to take depends on your display resolution. If possible, set the highest available resolution on your device before taking screenshots. Also, make sure that the entire values are visible on the screenshots (this does not apply to the AlternateMailboxes and MobileMailboxPolicy rows).

  8. If there are public folders on your Exchange server, find and click the PublicFolderInformation row in the results list, copy the SMTP address from the Value section and paste it in the Mailbox SMTP field (Fig. 6.). Otherwise, go to step 10 below.

    Fig. 6. Locating the public folders SMTP address.

  9. Repeat steps 5-7.
  10. Compress all screenshots into a single ZIP file.
  11. Use our file upload form to send the files and environment description to CodeTwo.

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