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Installing CodeTwo Exchange Rules Pro on a client machine


You want to delegate managing CodeTwo Exchange Rules Pro to users who do not have enough permissions to access your company's server.


CodeTwo Exchange Rules Pro can be installed both on a server machine as well as on any client machine. The latter is recommended for organizations where the administrator does not want to give access to the Exchange server to unauthorized personnel but, at the same time, does not like the idea of devoting their precious time to maintaining CodeTwo Exchange Rules Pro or creating email rules after the initial deployment.

For example, the administration can choose to give access to the rules in CodeTwo Exchange Rules Pro to:

  • the Marketing department, so they can change banners in email signatures;
  • the Sales department, so they can set up autoresponders sent from certain mailboxes;
  • the Legal department, so they can compose iron-clad disclaimers;
  • managers, so they can set up rules to automatically forward vital messages directly to their mailboxes without the need to supervise individual mailboxes of their employees;
  • staff responsible for maintaining the email policy, so they can strip redundant themes and stationery from emails; etc.

To manage rules remotely from the client machine simply download:

  • in the case of Exchange Rules Pro 1.x - the desktop version from here and install it on a client machine. After doing so, you can easily connect to the server installation of CodeTwo Exchange Rules Pro 1.x with the Remote Management feature.
  • in the case of Exchange Rules Pro 2.x - use the standard installer from here and install the Administration Panel on a client machine. After doing so, you can easily connect to the server installation of CodeTwo Exchange Rules Pro 2.x with the Managing access rights feature.


Starting version 2.14.x, the Administration Panel cannot be installed on the server machine running Exchange 2007 or 2010. It can only be installed on a client machine.

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