Toll Free Number, Longer Work-days and Live Chat!

CodeTwo is developing rapidly and gain more and more customers worldwide. Since we love simplicity, we want to make our customers’ life as easy as possible. We have just launched a toll free phone number, expanded our work days and are about to start a Live Chat on our website! So if you ever happen to have a shadow of a doubt concerning the use of our programs or if you have any technical or sales inquiries, feel free to contact us. CodeTwo Support will be more than glad to help you out.

Here are our new phone numbers:
Toll Free (USA & Canada): +1 855 344 66 37
Phone (United Kingdom): + 44 20 3318 2001
Phone (All Countries): + 48 75 646 1001
Fax: + 48 75 646 1003

We are at your disposal from Monday through Friday:
3 AM till 6:30 PM US Eastern Time
Midnight till 3:30 PM US Pacific Time
8 AM till 11:30 PM Western European Time
9 AM till 0:30 AM Central European Time

The Live Chat will be launched anytime soon. Everyone will then have a chance to start a chat with CodeTwo Support. We look forward to your questions, feature requests and remarks. Remember that we do this software for you and we want you happy :) Thank you!

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